Disney Ear Review: Encanto Ears

FashionEarsta Reviews a Pair of Encanto Ears inspired by Mirabel, available on shopDisney

There are dozens of pairs of ears inspired by Disney characters… but what about Mirabel?!? This spunky and positive young lady may not be a “princess,” but she deserves a crown nonetheless. And one of the first pieces of Encanto merchandise that shopDisney released was this pair of Encanto ears inspired by Mirabel’s iconic skirt.

These ears feature a teal-blue satin fabric edged with neon pink stitching and sporting butterfly and floral embroidery that mirrors Mirabel’s outfit. The bow on this pair is also unique, with layers of string that form the shape of the bow.

These ears are currently out of stock on shopDisney, but you know how stock is at Disney right now… they could be back any day.

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(we’ll update this page if they go back in stock on shopDisney!)

Here’s what the ears look like in real life:


What We Loved

Unique Theme/Style


You don’t see too many Disney Parks ears with embroidery used as embellishment, so the patterns and colors of this pair immediately stand out as a nod to Mirabel’s skirt!



The satin fabric does feel a little plasticky, and the string bow a bit crafty, but otherwise the materials are what you would expect from a mass-produced pair of ears.



The pink contrasting overlock stitching along the edge of the ears is a nice touch, and the ears are well-constructed with no (unintentionally) visible stitching.



This bow is such a unique touch, with a pom-pom in the center and string laid over a cardboard base of some kind. I do worry about the string eventually moving around since it doesn’t appear to be fully glued down, but so far it has not.



I was pleased that they came in a sturdy box instead of the dreaded blue mailer.

Pricing: $$


These ears are the new “standard” Disney price of $29.99 (not including shipping).

Turnaround Time:


I ordered these ears on February 7th and they were on my doorstep FIVE days later on the 12th! That’s amazing!!!

Who would love these? 

FashionEarstas who have been singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” since December and anyone who is the quirky one in their family! These ears would also be great for younger FashionEarstas, since they fit more snugly and are more brightly colored than some other pairs we’ve seen from shopDisney.

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What Needs Work

Ear Shape/Size:

Needs Improvement

One of the ears on this headband is not quite the same size and shape (one of the ears is pretty puckered along the edge). Unfortunately you can tell that they’re a bit misshapen in pictures, which is a shame.


Needs Improvement

The CVS receipt-length tag is so completely distracting and generally terrible. The ears are also a bit tight and pinch my head as an adult (but younger FashionEarstas might not find them tight).


Needs Improvement

Its a sad song but we’ll sing it again: the official Disney parks headbands are tight, slippery and now have an extremely long tag.

On a positive note, we do love the embroidered detail on the side of the headband. Too bad it’s covered by the long tag!

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears?

Alas, Disney shares that “Mirabel has been extremely busy with her family and Casita. Unfortunately, this means that Mirabel doesn’t currently have a scheduled Character Experience at Walt Disney World Resort.” BUT I wore these ears around Animal Kingdom park and their flower and butterfly embroidery fit right in. They would also be cute at the butterfly house during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival!


Overall Score: (4.4/5)

I love the unique theme of these ears and that they’re paying tribute to the amazing Encanto! I do just wish that they had better construction: they are just a bit wonky and the tag is a nuisance.

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of all of our ears! Is there a character we should find a pair of ears for next? Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram; chances are you will see our ears in action!  

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