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Pack like a stylish and practical FashionEarsta for your upcoming Disney Cruise!

As avid cruisers, we’ve learned a few things about how to make the most of your cruise as a fashion lover, so let’s explore how you can make an adorable splash with some fantastic Disney Cruise Line Merch! DCL provides families with some of the most magical experiences Disney has to offer. With all of their magical globetrotting cruise itineraries opening back up to everyone this year, FashionEarsta wants to make sure you are traveling in STYLE and ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Getting There Fashionably

Make sure the world knows you are heading to sea with Mickey and Minnie! From the airport to the ship and back, these fabulous bags scream that you’re a Disney cruiser.

Fun fact: did you know that when you first head to your stateroom and walk down the length of the ship, you’ll get a chance to see everyone’s suitcases waiting for them outside their doors? You’ll want to ensure that your bag “pops” and makes a fashion statement that kicks off your cruise with style!

Stylish Day-to-Day Disney Cruise Merch

Whether you’re lounging around by the pool during the day, taking an evening stroll along the decks at night, or joining Captain Mickey and friends for a fun-filled event, a FashionEarsta always pays attention to the details of her outfit!

We chose a few items for you here that guarantee casual comfort and a little extra special attention to detail. I especially love the understated elegance of the gorgeous anklet by Gabriel and Co. — it’s a perfect way to show a little bling with a beach vibe!

Dresses for Dining & Theme Nights

FashionEarsta - Adult Exclusive Dining - DCL

This is probably the number one question FashionEarsta readers ask us about Disney Cruises: “What do I wear to (fill in the name of restaurant or theme night)?” While cruise lines have generally relaxed their dress code and cruisers tend to dress down a bit compared to five or ten years ago, there are still plenty of opportunities to dress elegantly.

Evening Attire

Adult Exclusive Dining on board, including the Remy and Palo restaurants, has a dress code for both men and women. You’ll want to make sure you have a cocktail dress, evening dress, or a skirt and blouse for Remy’s, which is slightly dressier than Palo’s. And you’re definitely going to need amazing shoes: the Disney Cruise Line Packing List clearly states “Please no jeans, shorts, capri pants, leggings, flip-flops or tennis shoes.”

With several price point options and different shapes and sizes for a variety of bodies, we hope you are able to find a dress that feels perfect for you!

Theme Night Ears

OF COURSE, I wouldn’t be a proper FashionEarsta if I didn’t recommend some fantastic ears for your trip! In addition to my Disney Cruise Lines Visor review coming out in a couple of days (watch for it!), I thought I’d share a few of my other favorites.

To pack a serious punch with some statement ears, grab the light up floral Captain America ears. On a budget or have lots of little heads that need their own ears? Check out the Seagull ears and other inexpensive options from Princess Feathers Boutique. Need some ears for the Pirate Party? Fairy Godmother LLC has got you covered! And if you need a little bling, give these Lilo & Stitch ears a peek.

Your adventure on Disney Cruise Lines is a perfect opportunity to flex your fashion muscle, from casual beachwear to dressing up — have fun with it! Grab yourself some fantastic Disney Cruise merch and make a FashionEarsta splash!

Palo Restaurant - DCL

We hope that this gave you a good foundation for starting your packing list and making your Disney Cruise a fashionable success. What other items do you always put in your suitcase? Have a great DCL story you want to share? We would love to hear from you!

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