Surf’s Up! Lilo & Stitch Ear Review

Sitting on my towel with my toes in the warm sand, listening to the crash of the ocean waves is without a doubt one of the most peaceful and wonderful places for me to be.  I have always loved the ocean, the water, the sand, the sounds, the smells — it is such a place of comfort for me. With the weather finally warmer, I decided that today was a beach day! I grabbed all of my beach things and headed out the door. However, I noticed before I left that there was a package sitting on my front doorstep. Curious as to what it could be but having too little time to explore what it was, I threw it in my beach bag and off I went. 

The beach was not crowded yet, but it was early. I always liked to be one of the first people on the beach — usually it was just me and the surfers. I have always envied those that can surf. They glide through the water effortlessly; it just looks like so much fun! This morning there were two girls out riding the waves, their long dark hair flowing behind them as they caught wave after wave.  Suddenly, a sea gull flew right at one of the girls, startling her. The surfboard flew out from under her feet right into the path of the other causing them both to fall into the water and their boards to be washed up on the shore.  Since they were quite away from the shoreline, I went to grab their surf boards for them so they wouldn’t have to track them down.  As they approached me I was stunned to find out these were my friends Lilo and Nani!  We said “hello”, and they thanked me for saving their surf boards. I asked Lilo if Stitch was around, and they both laughed and said “you never know if or when he will show up!”  

Learning to surf with Lilo and Nani

Lilo asked me if I had ever surfed before, I told her I had always wanted to try but never had. Lilo and Nani decided that today was my day to learn!  I was so excited! Nani was quick to show me the basics, Lilo told me to try and only go to my knees the first few times because it was easier.  After we spent about an hour of learning the dos, don’ts of basic surfing, I was ready for a quick break then out to the water!  I went back to my towel and grabbed a drink and snack from my bag. I saw the box I had brought with me and decided to open it. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was my order from To Never Neverland: Lilo and Stitch ears! What are the odds of that happening on this day!?  I couldn’t wait to show Lilo but decided to save them for the end of our day together!  

I went out into the water, laying on my belly on Nani’s surfboard.  Lilo was beside me chatting about this and that. I was so nervous, I barely heard what she was saying.  We got out to where I would catch my first wave. We sat and waited, then I felt the pull of the water telling me it was almost time. Here we go!  I paddled as hard as I could and jumped up to my knees.


Just as the wave crested, I looked to my left and saw Stitch riding his own surfboard and guess what he had on his head….MY NEW EARS!! I don’t know how I managed to stay on my board but I did and I rode the wave all the way in!  I watched as Stitch rode and jumped waves all the time keeping those awesome ears on his head!  Lilo joined me watching him,  

“What is on his head!?” she asked 

He gracefully rode the last wave in and jumped off his board in front of us.   

“Well, they were supposed to be a surprise for later, but I guess he found them!”  

Lilo broke out into giggles when she saw the ears.  She took them off Stitch and placed them on her head. “These are great, I love how we are both on them, Stitch.” 

“Ohana” Stitch said.  

“That’s right, Stitch. Ohana means family,” Lilo said, smiling. 

Lilo gave me back the ears. The meaning of the ears was something different now. Where I thought they would be silly and funny, I saw what Lilo saw. These ears represented her and her family.  That made these ears so special, and I was so grateful to my friends at To Never Neverland for creating them!

What We Loved


Excellent. These ears are made from quality fabric. The artistic hand drawn details are well done.  


Excellent. Nice and sturdy box with the ears wrapped in cellophane bag with Magic Mickey Dust!


Excellent. The stitching and gluing of the ears is quite good. I really appreciate the extra time to cover the seams with the sequin ribboning. 


Excellent. The embellishments to create Lilo’s dress were very well done and the glue on embellishments were done nicely.

Ear Shape/Size: 

These ears are proportional and very well made!

Unique Theme/Style: 

Excellent. No question here! These are Stitch Ears! These ears are just perfect for your Lilo and Stitch fans! Lilo’s dress fabric along with Stitch’s ears on the mouse ears really conveys the theme and encompasses all things Disney along with the movie theme. 


Excellent. These ears are a little top heavy, but the very smart ladies at To Never Neverland have included a piece of plastic to hold them in place.  Only time will tell if these plastic pieces work and/or hurt your head after a while. It was nice of them to anticipate the needs of the wearer.

Pricing: $$

Turnaround Time: 

Excellent. Because these were custom ears, they took a few weeks, but it does say on the Etsy Page that they will take about 2 weeks. 

Who would love these? 

Lilo and Stitch lovers unite!  These ears are perfect for any lovers of any of the Lilo and Stitch movies or the television series! 

What Needs Work


Good. The headband is nicely covered in satin ribbon. It is a little bit of a thinner headband which makes me worry that after a while it may pinch or that it may slide. At first test though, it seems to be pretty sold and passes our shaking of the head test. One nice touch is that they add little Velcro strips to go on the headband to help support the weight of the ears and to keep them straight on your head! 

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears? 

The Polynesian Resort offers a wonderful character experience at their restaurant Ohana. This would be the perfect place to show off your beautiful new ears! 


Overall Score: (5/5)

These ears are a great addition to your Disney movie collection! The ears themselves are very well made and high end. I love how they were easily able to incorporate two characters into one with these ears. They really are adorable!  

Get yourself a pair of Lilo & Stitch ears here!

Oh, my lovely FashionEarstas, I am starving after all of that surfing! I am going to see if I can find something to eat on my walk home. Aloha!

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review, the Lilo & Stitch earsTo Never Neverland, or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see these ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  



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