Disney Pranks!

You would think that pulling a prank at Walt Disney World would be the ultimate fun thing to do. Well, Disney World does not really condone “pranks”, despite what you may see Stitch doing, the Mouse is not a fan of chaos!

With it being April Fools Day, we thought we would dive a little further into the most interesting “Pranks” ever pulled at the Parks. I will warn you gentle reader, these pranks cost many people to be banned for LIFE from the parks, so please do not try any of these!

No Climbing Allowed!

Ahhh The Food and Wine Festival, it is one of this FashionEarsta’s favorite times at the Disney Parks! I can tell you though, Saturday nights are NOT for the faint of heart! If I had children with me I would definitely steer clear of Epcot’s World Showcase after about 7pm. At first, I thought that the orange mounds of sawdust were a marker or something for some sort of event. Nope, I was wrong, it was vomit from people who had imbibed too much that day! Gross. Well, one man took it to a whole different level….Er….Literally:

“In November of 2015, a drunk man, who apparently enjoyed the wine part of the “Food and Wine Festival” more than the food part. He decided to climb the Mayan Temple at the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase. His climb was caught on camera, posted on many social media sources, and although it is not yet known what punishment was issued, it’s a good bet that he was escorted out of the Park and possibly banned from ever returning to a Disney Park.”

Remembering Your Loved Ones, The Wrong Way.

3 Princesses Ready to take on the Parks!

I love the Haunted Mansion, it is hands down one of my favorite rides, but THIS has NEVER crossed my mind!

According to Cast Members, many people think that the Haunted Mansion is the perfect resting place for a cremated deceased friend or relative. When people are caught doing this, the ride is shut down for hours and cleaned. The departed is literally vacuumed up and disposed of. Cast Members beg you, please do not choose the Parks for your loved ones final resting place! They really feel quite terrible vacuuming ashes up and throwing them in the garbage.

The Shoe Tree of Bay Lake

The Shoe Tree Stands Proudly in Bay Lake

One of the most fun ways to explore Disney properties is to explore them by boat!  For our Anniversary we were fortunate enough to have a wonderful boat tour of the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. We came across a tree with TONS of white shoes hanging off of it!  It was explained that the ‘Shoe Tree’ originally was a tradition among the boat captains that started many years ago. Each time a boat captain retires, his shoes also get retired. On his/her last voyage, their shoes are placed on the tree as a memento of their journey. It is their way of saying “See Ya Real Soon!” This has since been past to students part of the Disney College Program that worked within the Boating division of the Walt Disney World Company.

Discovery Island

What is it about an abandoned amusement park that just grabs your attention!? Make it one of Disney’s abandoned attractions and you are one of many that are intrigued. Discovery Island, once home to many of the animal exhibits that are now part of Animal Kingdom, is one of those intriguing spots.

I was actually at Discovery/Treasure Island back in the 1980’s and remember it very well. It was an incredible experience because it was all so natural you looked like you could touch the animals!  Not to mention that this is where my borderline unhealthy love of Flamingos began!  The Disney-owned abandoned Island located in the center of Bay Lake has been the center of intrigue for many guests since it closed in 1999.  For a few urban explorers, it became an obsession. I have heard the story many times and all have slightly different versions, but here is the jist of the tale.

Urban explorers stayed at the Fort Wilderness resort. They used wet suits and SWAM Bay Lake to get to Discovery Island in the dead of night to avoid detection. Once on the island, they filmed their exploration all through the island. A viewer is able to see the abandoned outbuildings, exhibits, the entrance, everything that is still left. They waited years to release the video, but they did not wait enough. Rumor is they were one year shy of the statute of limitations to run out!

In July of 2020, The Orange County Sheriffs Department arrested a man for trespassing on Discovery Ilands. He had been there for a while camping in the many outbuildings located on the Island!

A Cast Member’s Ultimate Prank!


“It belongs in a Museum!” Indiana Jone’s famous line! A Cast Member on his final day employed by Disney, took that line to new heights as he concocted the best prank! As we saw on YouTube, The cast of Aladdin was in the middle of Aladdin negotiating with the Genie about his wishes. Suddenly, Indiana Jones appears, takes the lamp, and utters his famous phrase, “It belongs in a museum!” The cast of Aladdin sits dumb-struck as the audience members giggle a little. The video is definitely worth watching because the cast member, who is now probably banned from ever working there again, pulled a great prank!

It was very interesting doing research for this article. I would find articles one day and they would be gone the next. It goes to show how diligently the Disney Corporation works to keep the “pranks” that people pull out of the spotlight. From my experience, Disney is a well-oiled machine and if anything clicks out of place there could be real problems and innocent people could get hurt. Whether or not you enjoy a good prank or not, it is probably best to leave your trouble making ways at home when travelling to Disney Parks!

Happy April Fools Everyone!!

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