The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique-A Princess in Training’s Dream!

One of the earliest most magical moments in a Disney Princess Film, is when the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella Changes Cinderella’s rags into a beautiful sparkling gown. As a little girl watching these incredible movies that moment is forever engrained in my memory. In 2006 the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was born into the Disney universe and ever since those magical doors opened, it has been making Princess in Trainings Dreams come true!

Our girls are lucky to have a very fashion forward MiMi that LOVES all things Princess so this was often a special gift to them when we would go to the Parks for our bi-annual vacation. However, as the years went on and our girls numbers grew (we have 4 girls!) we started looking for ways to really stretch the BBB experience. A with a number of things Disney-related, you can actually get a full experience that will last longer than the 60 minutes it takes to be transformed into a Darling Princess Diva!

How Does The BBB work?

First and foremost you must make a reservation for the BBB at either Disney Springs or at Cinderellas Castle. We have been to both and I have to say, Disney Springs is a true favorite. What you see above is the Magic Mirror. Here The Fairy Godmother herself comes on and gives you some tips, tricks and tells you what to expect. Then a Cast member will come in and “comb” out your child’s hair. What they are doing here is looking for lice. You have to be super careful as those pesky buggers are hard to get rid of and could shut down BBB for days! Once you have passed the first test you and your Princesses are whisked into the great room for their spa-like treatments!

Go To The Boutique at the Beginning of Your Trip!

3 Princesses Ready to take on the Parks!

We love to go at the beginning of our trip. It is a great way to break up that first day so that you are not completely exhausted and possibly miss the fireworks because you have ridden so many rides and done so many things that now you can’t keep your eyes open! As you will read about later, the items that you get from the experience will be great accessories for the entire trip so going at the beginning will help other future outfits look fabulous!

FashionEarstas, I want to give you a tip… You absolutely DO NOT have to buy the most expensive package to have the full Disney Princess Experience. We always buy our dresses at The Disney Store before our trip. We also had Princess inspired outfits that they were made up in too! I had a friend who went to buy her daughter a Princess Dress, her daughter fell in LOVE with a Princess-inspired nightgown so that it what she wore to the BBB! The Photographers are happy to photograph on the set no matter what they are wearing! AND you do not have to buy the Castle Package to take advantage of the set in Castle Couture!

Hair Styles Can Last for Days!

3 of the Seven Seas Bees The Day After a Trip to the BBB!

Seriously, I swear there is glue in that hair spray…Err ugh A bunch of Disney Magic!  Once you gently remove the hardware, such as barrettes and tiaras you have the solid updo. We would bring satin sleeping caps for the girls to wear at night. Next morning a few brushes and a little more hair spray, put the hardware back in place, and off you go!

The tiaras, barrettes and colored hair are fabulous additions to any outfit! You also get a backpack from BBB with your nail poish, make up and comb. The back packs are cloth and great for a day at the parks, and the make up is great when they want to recreate their experience! Make sure that you take advantage of that Disney photo pass and get ALL of the pictures. You will not regret it!

The Fairy Godmothers

Again, Disney does a beautiful job finding the most wonderful Cast Members! These lovely humans have no hair experience and Disney prefers it that way. Because Disney offers one of a kind signature styles that change every so often, they want their Fairy Godmothers to be able to adapt easily and quickly. Having hair experience would actually hurt them in this very important role.

I truly believe that it takes a very special person to be able to interact with kiddos all day. I have never met a more gentle and kind group of people in my whole life. They take the time to listen, they tell magnificent stories, they are so patient, they have a wonderful sense of humor and they explain every step, and let your child guide them through the process of selecting eyeshadow, and polish and hair. They do this the whole time, your girls will leave their believing that they are a Princess!

Don’t forget, there is a photographer taking pictures during the whole experience. Your Fairy Godmother will not let them miss a moment!

Is it Worth it?

Every family is different, for ours, the answer is a resounding YES!  All of my girls have truly loved this experience. The only problem is when you turn 13 you are not able to go to the BBB anymore. Our girls truly mourn this day and with the closing of the Pirate League, there does not seem to be a similar outlet for them. We are all giving Disney Bounding a try for our next big trip, maybe that will fill the void?

It is expensive there is no doubt, but for our Princesses, it was totally worth it.  It is an experience that they all treasure and even my almost 20-year-old daughter would JUMP at the chance to sit in the Fairy Godmothers chair again. Over the years we have found ways to not only cut costs, by buying the dresses at the Disney outlet stores, and buying other items online rather than in the parks, but we have also found ways to include those younger siblings that may not be old enough to sit in the FairyGodmothers chair. For them, we still bought their princess dress at the outlet but purchased an official crown, or in the case of our Rapunzel loving Princess, we bought her Rapunzels official golden hair! Our son was a bit tricky. He loved Pirate league, but he has always been very food motivated so a special treat while the girls were having their make-overs was usually enough to keep him happy!

Princess Life For Me!

Our Princess Stella (right) HATED this hair style. We all still laugh today because she tried so hard to love it!

Our Prince and Princesses cannot wait to get back to Magic Kingdom! Frankly, neither can their parents! We hope that we can re-create a little magic in the Disney Bounding that we are planning to do. Have you made this transition yet? Do you have any tips or tricks that can help make our older Princess’s feel like they are indeed part of the Disney Royal Family? We would love to hear from you if you do!

Day 3 of the Princess hair!

Our experience at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique has been a treasured family tradition. We cannot wait to see what other traditions we start in the future!

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Pixie dust and glamour!



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