The wonderful world of FashionEarsta was born from a combination of the love of Disney and all things fashion!  Over the last few trips to Walt Disney World, we began noticing the incredible ears that people were wearing. We could not find these beautiful ears in the shops and wondered where they were finding them.  

Disney Fashion has exploded outside of the shops owned and operated by the Disney Corporation. Simply searching for “ears” on Etsy was eye-opening. There was an abundance of unique, fashionable mouse ear options available, and the creativity and crafting that was happening within these shops was beautifully inspiring. The selections and choices were numerous (and a little overwhelming), but they were positively magical!  Add to that the amazing phenomenon that is “DisneyBounding”, and there was no way we could ignore the fact that Disney’s Fashion had taken on a new life.

We hope to be a tremendous help to those searching for the perfect pair of ears, giving you one centralized location to gain information on the most recent designs in ear fashion.  In addition, we hope to help create an avenue for these hard-working ear creators to gain some much-needed recognition. 

Welcome to all future FashionEarstas all over the globe! 

Who We Are and What We Stand For

This is not your typical Disney blog.  Our primary focus is to help you find your first, fanciest, or favorite new pair of ears, so we are provide fun and exciting reviews and evaluations of independent stores, creative new designs, and the very best Disney ears out there! We believe in beautifully made products, innovative design, cutting edge fashion, and… Pixie Dust and Glamour!  

Our goal is also to help you show your true colors! At FashionEarsta, we believe in equality, inclusion, and each person’s individual magic that they have to offer the world. We want to hear from you, and we want to know how we can make your experience great!

Want to contact us? You can email us here with collaboration ideas, suggestions, and more

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Meet Your FashionEarstas

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Sarah Flynn

Fashion fanatic, former model/beauty queen, and luxury shoe designer. Also known to some as “Fairy G”, this queen is obsessed with vintage clothes (so obviously Dapper Day), and she holds a special place in her heart for Aurora, Peggy Carter, and Edna Mode. Pixie dust & glamour !


Regina Brannen

This Disney diva is all about EARS! Finding the perfect ears for the perfect moment of the trip! She is all about having a good time and looking fabulous while doing it! We can always count on her for expert party and vacation planning advice. Here’s to Ears!


Jackie Fetzer

A Disney darling with a flair for vintage style. A Florida girl through and through, she lives close to Walt Disney World and has been visiting the parks since she was too short to ride Space Mountain. Her hobbies include coordinating Disney-themed outfits with her friends, circus aerials, and training for her first RunDisney race! 


Kathryn Flynn

This sassy babe was born a Disney queen! An innovative, bold design student, Kathryn translates her creative thinking into her passion for visual curation and style. “Peter Pan’s Flight” is her all-time favorite ride. Glitter. Mermaids. Fierce Fairies.

Belle of the Ball

Ally Straczek

At age 5, Belle of the Ball experienced Disney Magic for the first time. She is excited to pass on her love of Disney to her daughter with frequent trips to Disney World in matching glittering ears. Her favorite characters are Belle, Daisy and the rascally duo of Chip & Dale. Have a Magical Day!

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