Captain America Ears Review: Rehearsing the Star Spangled Singers

Captain America Ears Do Not Disappoint!

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Here at FashionEarsta we love to have fun! Sometimes we find a pair of ears that inspires a fun story that we just have to write about. EarGoddess was inspired to do just that when we received these amazing Captain America Ears! Read on to see where her inspiration leads her and also don’t miss her fantastic
ear review!

Five…six…seven…eight! Rehearsals have gotten to be a little bit tedious, truth be told. We’ve been working for days on our formations, learning how to properly salute, and getting those kicks “eye high.” As the dance captain of The Star Spangled Singers, I know what it takes to put together a great show, and we definitely aren’t there yet!

Suzie has a tendency to reverse all of the choreography, though she does it admirably well. Emily never, ever points her feet. (I think it’s against her religion.) Gladys has a serious problem with any step that doesn’t start on the count of “1”. I regularly have to remind her not to mouth the counts as she’s dancing. And then there’s Betty, who prefers to chomp her wad of chewing gum during rehearsal. Yesterday, this ended in a tragic haircut for Judy, whose hair was the unlucky recipient of said chewing gum during a run through of “Star Spangled Man.”

Obviously, entertaining and preparing to go on a multi-city tour to help sell war bonds with Steve Rogers (aka “Captain America” or “Cap”, as we call him) is not all peaches and cream! All the SSS’s sew our own costumes, build bunches of props, and even make sure Steve has his lines written out on note cards so he can cheat off of them during our shows. He knows that I have an eensy-weensy crush on him, and as thanks for my help with our new show, he gave me the most adorable gift.

“Cap” hides his notecards inside his shield, just in case he forgets his lines!

When I left rehearsal and came back to the dressing room this morning, I found a little package on my chair. The address said it was from The Magic Feather Shoppe, named after the adorable film that came out about that flying elephant a couple years ago. Anyway, I have a little obsession with Mickey Mouse, you see, and “Cap” knows that. Inside the box were perfectly lovely wire mouse ears with red, white, and blue roses on them, and little tiny lights on the ears. They were a magical gift from a very special hero!

Practice makes perfect!


I popped them on my head right then and there, and they’ve been on my ever since. Comfy as can be (and fabulously patriotic), I intend to wear them to every rehearsal and performance where Captain America and I share the stage. Thanks, Cap!


Get yourself a pair of
Captain America Disney ears here!

What We Loved


Excellent. I had to actually search for the glue on these! None to be found. 


Excellent. These are my favorite headbands for sleek hair, plus all the wires and glue are covered with an additional piece of black felt that really grabs. No slipping!

Ear Shape/Size: 

Excellent. Beautiful twisted wire ears that are sturdy and symmetrical.


Excellent. The bow is well-proportioned, secure and even features this fabulous plastic Captain America shield!


Excellent. The owner of the Magic Feather Shoppe is a floral designer first, and you can tell she knows her stuff! She has chosen beautiful silk flowers, sparkly sequins, tiniest fairy lights, and a fun little Captain America shield. All are super high quality materials.

Unique Theme/Style: 

Excellent. I’m guessing even Peggy Carter would approve these Captain America themed ears! They’re patriotic and celebrate “Cap” while still being feminine. Love it!


Great. Even though these ears are pretty heavy due to the flowers and lights, I found them easy to wear. They didn’t tip forward or squeeze my head too much. A clear comb was also included, should you want to attach it to the headband for more security.


Excellent. Holy wow! I’ve never seen a pair of ears ziptied into the bottom of a box, but here they are! This was incredibly safe and sturdy packaging, cute business cards and care instructions, too.

Pricing: $$$

Who would love these? 

All you Marvel fans out there that are looking for a great pair of feminine ears, these are the pair for you! Also fantastic for Fourth of July events and DisneyBounding as Agent Carter or Steve Rogers.

What Needs Work

Turnaround Time: 

Special Circumstance: This was not really an area of concern, but we thought it was worth mentioning. It took four weeks from the order date to receive these ears. However, Kimberly, the shop owner, sent me a note within just a few days of ordering to let me know that, due to COVID-19 restrictions, she had a delay in getting her supplies. The communication was handled well. I’m 100% sure that she will respond with exact information if you need to know what her turnaround time currently is.

I was happy to wait for these beautiful ears, and she even upgraded me to priority shipping!

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears? 

We’re looking forward to wearing these at Disney California Adventure’s new Avengers Headquarters. When Meet and Greet’s start back up, you can also meet Captain America at Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure and inside Marvel Universe at Shanghai Disneyland. And don’t forget Marvel Day at Sea on Disney Cruises!

Meeting Captain America
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Overall Score: (5/5)

Perfect score! I am really impressed with these ears: they’re well constructed, beautifully designed, and they pack a themed punch with the Captain America shield. The customer service and care that was shown with shipping and packaging made for an incredible experience.

Get yourself a pair of
Captain America Disney ears here!

Time to go work those dancers in rehearsal! Have a great Fourth of July celebration this weekend! 

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review, the Captain America earsThe Magic Feather Shoppe, or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see these ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  




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