Ask a FashionEarsta: What’s My Superhero Style?

The Fancy Floridian answers your questions about how to find your own Superhero Style!

Today we’re answering our FashionEarstas’ fanmail about superhero style! Here’s a question from a reader:

Dear FashionEarsta,

Now that we’re seeing Marvel at the movies AND on Disney+ shows, there’s soooo much Avengers merch and disney bounds on Instagram. Where do I even start looking for my own superhero style?

-FOMO Fangirl

Dear Fangirl,

You’re not wrong about the veritable multiverse of merch out there! Everyone from small Etsy shops to big brands like Hot Topic seem to be making Hulk-inspired workout tanks and Loki-branded suit jackets. We love the variety, but it can definitely get overwhelming.

I suggest you start by choosing one of your daily activities–running, going into the office, or stepping out for drinks–that you want to give a Marvel makeover. Then you can narrow your choices down to brands and outfit pieces that fit your unique personality. Remember: you are the variant in your timeline and so seize this opportunity to bend reality to your will! (FashionEarsta is not responsible for any spacetime anomalies or collapse of reality that may occur after taking this advice.)

Here’s some inspiration for your journey to your own Superhero Style:

Cubicle Conqueror

Are you cursed to the thankless task of guarding the Soul Stone or have you been press-ganged into service for the Time Variance Authority? No? Well, even if you have a more mundane office job, you can still inspire awe in your coworkers with superhero-inspired office casual looks.

The Stay-at-Home Superhero

Just because you’re inventing time travel or working on the LEGO Death Star in your spare room doesn’t mean that you can’t look cute and comfy!

Street-Smart and Subtle

If you spend time on the town and want a toned-down but undeniably heroic outfit, try adding a few Avengers-inspired accessories to your street style basics. Hopefully Shuri has time to upgrade your tech!

Vintage Vixen

If you’re more of a secondhand store superhero, you can find amazing vintage pieces that harken back to the Golden Age of Marvel comics. Dress your look up for a cocktail party or down for shawarma.

Athleisure Avenger

There’s really no hero who doesn’t need a few versatile athleisure pieces in their wardrobe! Find a sweatshirt that can take you from boxing lessons with Happy Hogan to an undercover trip to the Apple Store!

Did any of these looks inspire you to find your own Superhero Style, FOMO Fangirl? I sure hope so! Be sure to check out the models and cosplayers who brought these looks to life!

Do you know have a question for one of our FashionEarstas? We’d LOVE to hear from you! You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook (@fashionearsta), Pinterest, and our brand new YouTube channel! Be sure to follow us so that you’re always in the loop!

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