Junk Food Clothing Vintage T-shirts

Vintage t-shirts meet Disney style at Junk Food Clothing

Junk Food Clothing offers vintage t-shirts and sweatshirts with a laid back, California vibe

Vintage t-shirts are a fun and inspired way to share your love style. The retro feel gives FashionEarstas a chance to combine the past with a modern twist. Junk Food Clothing has a unique and fashionable interpretation of vintage-inspired t-shirts and apparel. They feature collections from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and other pop culture classics to let you tell your fashion story.

Vintage t-shirts from Junk Food Clothing featuring Mickey Mouse
Women’s Mickey Florida Tee from Junk Food Clothing

Started more than 20 years ago in Venice Beach, California, the mission of Junk Food Clothing is to combine high quality premium t-shirts with a retro, vintage feel and create a work of fashion art. The company believes that “our product is a canvas for self expression.” While the design team looks to the past for creative inspiration and storytelling, Junk Food Clothing wants to give women, men and kids the ability to create their own style and tell their story.

Price Range: $$$

Turnaround time: Items ship within 2-3 weeks of ordering

What We Love 

Junk Food Clothing knows who they are and it reflects in the collections and looks. The beachy, laid back California cool vibe is apparent in all the designs. We love that there are styles for everyone at this shop. Unisex styles fit the theme of this store perfectly. Kids looks are also available.
Vintage t-shirts and sweatshirts with Mickey
Unisex Classic Mickey Mouse Fleece from Junk Food Clothing

Who Would Love This Shop
FashionEarstas who are looking for laid back vintage t-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts featuring Mickey Mouse, Marvel and Star Wars. Plus, there’s a broad collection of other music, sports, pop culture and licensed apparel available for everyone in the family.

What Needs Work

Shipping time could be improved. You will need to plan ahead when ordering from this shop as 2-3 weeks to wait for apparel can be limiting.

Why We Chose Them
At FashionEarsta we embrace all kinds of style, and this store had an all-year round summer feel that we could get used to! Plus, we love the way the t-shirts and sweatshirts are styled on their Instagram account: @junkfoodclothingco. The designs are really a blank canvas for someone to share fashion vibe.

How is the Shop to Use?

We love the large images for each product! The shop is also really good about styling the outfits so each product has multiple images for you to look at and determine if this is good fit and style for you. The apparel is sorted primarily by collection, so you need to know what collection you are looking for before you can narrow to the style you want. More specific navigation would help find the right product faster. But we LOVE, the size guide. Junk Food Clothing nails this shopping feature! It is one of the more detailed we’ve seen as it explains cut, style and sizing.

What Customer Service Can You Expect?

Customer service is predominantly handled by email. No phone number is easily visible on the website for customer related questions.

What People are Saying

We wish there were more reviews for the clothes to help guide shoppers but the ones we found loved the quality and fit of the shirts.

It’s so hard to find a good fitting, soft t-shirt. This one is my new holy grail. Not too long, not cropped, fits perfectly in the waist and chest and is very flattering.

Korra K

Love the quality and style!


Belle of the Ball’s Favorite Items from Junk Food Clothing

We love seeing how different FashionEarstas style their favorite Disney, Marvel and Star Wars vintage t-shirts. And, it seems that FashionEarstas are embracing the self-expression mission of Junk Food Clothing!

Visit Junk Food Clothing here

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Pixie Dust and Glamour! 

Belle of the Ball


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