Mine, Mine, Mine: Seagulls Ear Review

How many times have you heard them bickering back and forth, over and over again: “No, that’s mine!”, “Give that back! It’s mine!” Moms everywhere can certainly relate, and with the holidays coming up, this is always one of those concerns.

Do I wish my children were perfect angels and never fought over things? You betcha. And fortunately, I have sons who are old enough that they have completely different interests now. But I remember well the days of making sure there was a blue and a green version of the same lunchbox, a blue truck for one and a green truck for the other, and even color-coded socks and sunglasses. (Thank the heavens that is over!)

child playing with two assorted-color car plastic toys on brown wooden table

However, some of you may not be so lucky. Some of you might have two teenage daughters who need the same flat iron. Or two littles who fight over the best legos. Or the worst… the ones who fight over the BEST EARS. Well, I think I have found your solution — your path to a quiet Christmas morning, happy children, and a balanced budget.

Normally, this FashionEarsta looks for extremely high-quality ears, usually not paying a lot of attention to price. (I’m particular about my head wear, after all.) However, as I was looking for a good-looking pair of Nemo-related ears, the ridiculously cute and VERY inexpensive Seagull ears from Princess Feathers Boutique popped up in my feed. I immediately ordered them and got sucked into her website, where there are mountains of ears, all at an “I have ten grandkids I need to purchase gifts for” kind of price point!

woman in black and white striped shirt hugging girl in black and white striped shirt

The fabulous thing is that in addition to solving problems for moms and grandmas the world over, this little shop also offers ears at a price that allows YOURS TRULY to DisneyBound a ton of outfits without a huge investment in ears! The one caveat I have is that the ears could use a little “finishing”… the photos didn’t make it clear that the back of my ears were strictly made of felt, and I wish I knew where to source the beautiful yellow rag roses that were used so I could add more to the back.

All of that said, these ears are perfect for big group purchases or for keeping your little pumpkins happy and well-dressed. 

I love love love that these are mine mine mine!

Get yourself a pair of
Seagulls ears here!


What We Loved

Unique Theme/Style: 

Excellent. Instant character recognition!


Good. I truly love these yellow roses, the little miniature seagulls and the “mine” bubbles. So fun!


Excellent. This bow is incredibly cute and full of personality.

Turnaround Time: 

Excellent. Got these in exactly one week.

Pricing: $

Excellent. Incredible value ears!

Who would love these? 

Moms with lots of kiddos to outfit, FashionEarstas who love to have lots of ears for DisneyBounding, and ME!

What Needs Work

Ear Shape/Size: 

Needs work. Backings make it obvious that the felt is not cut perfectly to fit the headband.


Ok. There is a very tiny bit of glue showing around the bow and the base of the ears. Using felt to back the flowers makes the edges feel irregular when looking at the back side of the ears.


Ok. Comfortable, but a little slippery. Ears slip forward a bit.


Ok. Came packed in a layer of bubble wrap and tissue paper, in a regular manila shipping envelope.


Ok. As I mentioned, these slip around a fair bit, so they might not be great for people with slick hair. They’re lightweight, though, and comfortable.

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears?

OBVIOUSLY FashionEarstas should wear these to go on The Seas ride at Walt Disney World – one of my personal favorites!

The Seas with Nemo & Friends
Photo: WDW Kingdom

Overall Score: (3.5/5)

So, friends, enjoy doing a little shopping for the kiddos and filling out your own DisneyBound wishlist with these inexpensive ears that boast a ton of personality!

Get yourself a pair of
Seagulls ears here!

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review, these earsPrincess Feathers Boutique., or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see our ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  




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