Celebrating Princesses at the Princess Half Marathon

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FashionEarsta picks some princess items to remind us of the positive messages behind the races at the 2022 Princess Half Marathon Weekend

If you happen to be at Walt Disney World this weekend (February 24-27, 2022), you might notice a lot of Princess attire out and about – more Princess attire than usual, even! That’s because it is officially Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend here in Orlando, which means that swarms of runners are descending on the parks for three early-morning races, plus a runner’s expo at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports and sunrise yoga in front of the castle!

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll remember that we’ve been at all the race weekends since they returned in late 2021, but while Wine and Dine weekend was a party and Marathon weekend was a…well…marathon event, Princess Half Marathon Weekend is a different experience! It’s more crowded, has more first-time runners, and the merch sells out WAY faster.

That’s why we decided to try to remember the spirit of the Disney Princesses who are the faces of the races this weekend. Cinderella, Tiana, Mulan and Moana each have mottos and meanings that can remind us to be kinder, more patient, and more determined than we might otherwise be. So, as we’re celebrating princesses and their kind messages, here’s what we’re taking away from each race this weekend!

Have Courage with Cinderella

Cinderella’s motto: “Have Courage and Be Kind” is perfect for running a 5k – this is a race distance that is open and inviting to running newcomers and people just starting on the ir fitness journeys! Whether you are being brave and signing up for your first 5k or being kind and encouraging to other runners in the field, there’s no better Princess than Cinderella to emulate!

Dress-Up for Adults

Dress-Up for Kids

Cinderella Decor and More

Dig a Little Deeper with Tiana

Running a 10k (6.2 miles) is no small feat! At RunDisney races this is an event with a time limit (featuring the dreaded balloon lady course sweepers) and means that runners have to push themselves to finish! Tiana is the perfect princess to inspire us to dig deeper and keep doing your best, cause you’re (hopefully) almost there!

Get Dolled Up for Tiana’s Place

Get Ready for a New Orleans-Style Bedtime Story!

Dolls for All (Ages)

Be Loyal, Brave and True at the Princess Half Marathon with Mulan!

Running a half marathon is no small feat: we hope that everyone has good friends who helped them train and will be with them to the finish line! If you’re on the course this Sunday, look for the Fancy Floridian and 25 other ladies dressed as the girls from Mulan’s village – we’ll cheer you on so loudly it will wake the Great Stone Dragon himself. Mulan is the perfect princess to inspire you to train hard and be creative about overcoming any obstacles you may encounter.

Celebrate Mulan’s Story with Books for All Ages

Creative Play For Kids

Mulan Style Inspiration for Adults

Find Your Way with Moana

It takes persistence and determination to run the Fairytale Challenge (a 10k and Half Marathon on consecutive days). So of course Moana is the perfect princess to inspire runners! She sets off on her journey and discovers who she really is along the way!

Swimwear for Little Wayfinders

Island Style for Adults

Pua Power!

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