There’s A Bounty of Book of Boba Fett Merch

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FashionEarsta’s roundup of shirts, collectibles and more “The Book of Boba Fett” merch now available on shopDisney

There’s room for more than one Mandalorian bounty hunter in the Disney+ catalogue, which is good because we love The Mandalorian AND The Book of Boba Fett. (And don’t get me started about Bo-Katan Kryze… that’s a whole other article!)

But in case you aren’t caught up on the latest episodes of The Book of Boba Fett, the important thing to know is: Boba is back and he’s still stylish. Which means that shopDisney is releasing all sorts of merchandise from the show. So whether you were a fan of the Boba Fett who went “zoom” into the Sarlaac pit in 1983 or the Boba Fett who punched his way out of it in 2021, there are plenty of ways to show your fandom pride!

Here are our picks for the best Book of Boba Fett merch:

Haute Helmet Fashion

Boba’s iconic t-visor buyce is pretty much synonymous with Star Wars. If you want to wear his helmet without actually wearing his helmet, here are some fashionable nods to the design.

Boba Bobbles (and other Collectibles)

Spruce up your desk or bookshelf with a nod to the legendary bounty hunter (plus these would make great Valentines Day or Father’s day gifts…)

Gifts for Younglings

Grogu isn’t the only youngling who loves Mandalorians! Give your littles something new to love with this Book of Boba Fett merch for kids. You can armor them from head-to-toe in Boba’s armor…

…or for a more subtle look, there’s everyday clothes for your little Star Wars fan!

Legendary Loungewear

Perfect for lounging around on your new throne or strolling (but definitely not being carried on a litter) through the streets of your hometown, these laid-back style choices are perfectly fandom-chic!

A Galaxy of Pins

For the pin traders (or scavengers) out there, there’s plenty of new Boba Fett pins to be had!

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More from the Star Wars Universe

And finally, here’s some other cute merch from (the same) galaxy far, far away!

Looking to go to the next level with your Mandalorian cosplay game? Check out our video featuring Mandalorian armorers Magical.Mayhem and _Ben.Kenobi_ showing you some tips and tricks!

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