Cookies2Crafts: A Boutique of Ears


Cookies2Crafts on Etsy was founded in 2016 and has had 86 sales at the time of this review. Based out of New Jersey, they offer a smattering of ears in the midst of some other fun items included in her shop! They are favorited by 80 people on Etsy and have a small variety of around thirteen pairs of ears. It also looks like these are all one-of-a-kind, so if you see a pair you like, snatch them up. Their packaging was pretty simple, consisting of a padded envelope and tissue paper.  

The owner, Ashley, also makes and ships cookies and does personalized tumblers, wine glasses and more!

Price Range: $

Number of products: 13 ear designs

Turnaround time: These ears only took four days to receive!

What We Love 

Attention to detail
Ears ship out quickly

Who Would Love This Shop

 Anyone who is searching for a cute pair of unique and well-made ears will love this shop!  

What Needs Work

The shop doesn’t break their ears down into categories. 
Limited variety of designs

Why We Chose Them 

We chose Cookies2Crafts because we just could not resist the adorable Winnie the Pooh ears we got from them!

How is the Shop to Use?

The shop is pretty straightforward due to its smaller size. Her Minnie Mouse Ears have their own category in the menu, but there is no further breakdown of the ears. This really isn’t that big of an issue because there isn’t a large inventory. Ear listings include some great photos, though we’d love to see pictures of people actually wearing the ears!


What Customer Service Can You Expect?

With a five-star rating on Etsy, Cookies2Crafts gets our vote for good communication and quality products. Ready to ship items are turned around very quickly.  

What People are Saying on Etsy

With only 86 sales and 20 reviews, we picked a couple highlights that we hope capture people’s experience with the shop.


“Super cute!!! I just love them so much!! And they are very comfortable to wear!! Thanks so much!! 😊”

“OMG! I am obsessed 😍😍these are so cute and so well made! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!!” 

EarstaDiva’s Favorite Ears from Cookies2Crafts

Packaging & Shipping

 The Winnie the Pooh Ears arrived in a padded envelope wrapped in tissue paper. Turnaround time was exceptionally fast.


This shop creates a great boutique vibe. She may be small, but she is mighty!  While limited, she has a high-quality selection of very cute ears that you can tell have a good amount of time and love put into them.  

Visit Cookies2Crafts here!  

I hope that you found this review helpful! We’d love to hear what you think of Cookies2Crafts, their ears, and this review in the comments. Make sure you check us out on PinterestFacebook and Instagram, and chances are, you will see these ears in action!

Pixie Dust and Glamour! 



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