The Flower that Blooms in Adversity: Mulan Ear Review

For the love of our ancestors, WHEN is Mulan finally going to be released!? EarGoddess here, and I am here to spill a little tea on the live action movie. First, we had amazing trailers that got us excited to see what appeared to almost feel like a period drama. Packed with great talent, it seemed like we were in for an amazing treat. That was March.

So here we are in July, and the movie has been delayed — twice. The first time was until July 24th, but upon the closing of movie theatres (especially in New York), the release was postponed again until August 21st. The reality is that unless movie theatres open in major cities any time soon, this release may get pushed into next year. It is a point of disagreement among Disney executives whether they should blaze the trail and push Mulan into theatres as a victory for the entertainment industry reopening — and if they are willing to take that financial loss with theatres only at partial capacity. It remains to be seen if Disney execs will decide to release anything (including big budget films like Mulan and Black Widow) into theatres this year, and it isn’t looking promising, based on comments a few key players have made.

I am so impatient for this movie’s release. Look how amazing this poster is!

So your princess-loving FashionEarsta ordered these beautiful Mulan ears from Enchanted Alexandra MONTHS AGO, anticipating wearing them to the theatre for an amazing movie featuring our favorite warrior woman. But since there is no movie in our foreseeable future, I think it’s appropriate for me to make the best of it with a fabulous, socially-distanced FashionEarsta tea party and some appropriate Mulan Disneybounding.

Here’s a little Disneybounding EARspiration for you!
Ears by Enchanted Alexandra. Shoes by Lady Grey Footwear.

Want to have your own tea party in honor of your ancestors while we wait for our movie to arrive? Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Make your own tea cookies. I just LOVE these really unique Mulan cookie cutters from JazzyJoyAU on Etsy! Want to take it a step further? Make yourself a palette of colored icing, and go to work creating masterpieces!
  • Put your paper fan to good use (make one out of some colored paper, in a pinch)!
  • Hang some paper lanterns around the room to add to the ambience.
  • Use a low coffee table as your tea table and add some beautiful pillows on the floor in place of chairs.
  • Place a framed picture or two of your own aunts/uncles, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. on the table and imagine they are there with you, sipping tea and offering you sage advice!
  • If others are having tea with you, be sure to serve them before you fill your own cup!
  • It is customary to wait to drink your tea until everyone has been served, and traditionally, after the oldest or highest level person drinks their tea.

My friends, we have to bloom in the face of adversity, right?

Get yourself a pair of
Mulan ears here!


What We Loved

Ear Shape/Size: 

Good. The ears are slightly different, but it is not super noticeable when you are wearing them.

Unique Theme/Style: 

Great. These are obviously Mulan, easy to spot, and full of great colors and options for matching your outfit.


Excellent. I absolutely LOVE the variety of sequins and sparkles used on these ears. The materials scream quality!


Great. While these ears were only packaged in a soft mailing envelope, inside was a lovely piece of matching pink foam surround them. Attractive thank you/business cards added a finishing touch.


Good. The headband is covered well and is lined with a little pink satin ribbon. Not too tight.

Who would love these? 

Anyone who LOVES Mulan and her story obviously would love these ears. These are also attention getters – they’re sparkly and unique, so they’re good for someone wanting to make a splash!

What Needs Work


Definitely needs work. I was so bummed out at the obvious rough edges and sloppy finishing on these ears.


Needs work. While the burgundy sequin bow is lovely, the addition of the glitter foamboard tiara made it hard to keep the shape of the bow from getting twisted when wearing. The bow is great – perhaps a smaller tiara would solve the problem?

Turnaround Time: 

Ordered April 2nd, received May 16th. Shop indicated four weeks, after almost five, I got a message saying I should receive them by May 9th. Then it took an additional week. So definitely a full six weeks.

Pricing: $$

I was not thrilled with the quality, wearability, and turnaround time as relates to the price tag.


Needs work. This is probably my #1 area of constructive criticism. The tiara, which was made out of a very stiff foamboard or cardboard material, was positioned so low in the center of the bow that the point of it pierces my head when I put them on. I couldn’t wear these for more than five minutes for a quick photo shoot. I even had EarstaDiva try them on (on the off chance my head is just shaped weird), but unfortunately, she had the same problem.

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears?

There are so many options! Once Meet and Greets come back, you can meet Mulan at China Pavilion. For now, you can grab some chicken dumplings and Byejoe Punch during Food and Wine Fest. In January and February of every year, Disneyland has a FANTASTIC Lunar New Year celebration, and it is the ideal place to wear your Mulan ears!  

Disneyland’s Lunar New Year Celebration features lots of unique opportunities to celebrate Mulan’s culture!

Overall Score: (3.7/5)

I was so excited to get these ears, and after waiting patiently, I tore open the package. Despite Enchanted Alexandra’s solid customer satisfaction, the incredible sparkly pink goodness of the design, high quality materials, and mad Mulan awesomeness, they were disappointing in their construction and wearability. I would LOVE to see EnchantedAlexandra make this tiara slightly smaller so the ears are more wearable!

Pro Tip: If you have these ears already or you fall in love with how they look and rush to purchase them for your Mulan Disneybound outfit (just like I did), you could like take a sharp pair of scissors or an x-acto knife and trim the bottom point of the tiara off to solve your problem.

Get yourself a pair of
Mulan ears here!

Well, I am off to plan my party and transform my living room! Until next time, FashionEarstas, I hope that you have a lovely tea in honor of the live-action film and our favorite, fearless heroine!

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review, these earsEnchantedAlexandra, or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see our ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  



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