Marvel Clothing Takes Center Stage!

From t-shirts to ties, retailers are entering the multiverse of Marvel clothing and accessories!

One element on the timeline has no variants: Marvel is here to stay and we could not be more thrilled! In our search to find retailers that offer both unique and familiar Marvel clothing pieces, we found two stores that fit the bill.

Marvel Iron Fist Hoodie – Dragon Logo

Marvel Official

This shop offers a variety of different fashion and cosplay pieces, as well as an abundance of Marvel t-shirts!

Price Range: $

Turnaround time: Items ship within 2-7 weeks of ordering

What We Love 

Marvel Official really captured our attention because of the sheer variety of products that they have. It is sometimes difficult to find Marvel t-shirts, cosplay pieces, accessories and collectibles all under one roof, but here you can find a little something for everyone.

Who Would Love This Shop
FashionEarstas who are looking for a variety of trendy items at an affordable price point.

Hip Hop Marvel Comics Hat

What Needs Work

Shipping time could be improved. You will need to plan ahead when ordering from this shop as a 2-7 week wait for apparel can be limiting.

Why We Chose Them
At FashionEarsta we appreciate one-stop shopping. Understanding that not everyone has the time to surf the web for the absolute best pieces, we love a shop where you can find everything and anything!

Shop Disney

t-shirts inspired by Loki on Disney+

One of the things I love most about how ShopDisney.com’s “Marvel Shop” is set up is that you can sort products by their featured characters! This is really helpful when you aren’t sure what you want but you do know that you don’t want to look through 458 Marvel t-shirts! 

They also have a WIDE variety of different items from clothing, to hats, watch bands, pins and so much more!

Price Range: $$$

Turnaround time: Items ship within 5-7 business days of ordering

Here are a few of our favorite Shop Disney Finds! 

Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Captain America Pin Set is a fantastic addition to anyone’s pin collection. We specifically enjoy the tag line on each pin!

Black Widow Dress for Women by Her Universe. We love the Her Universe brand and they do not disappoint with this beautiful and subtle dress. Perfect for Dapper Days and Beyond!

Captain America Shield Silk Tie for Adults. A tie is a such an integral piece of any formal ensemble. This gorgeous silk tie is expressive without being “loud.” We love the shield design on this one!

What We Love 

When you know what you want, you go right to the source! Shop Disney has an abundance of MCU merch that no other place is going to have. As Disney’s official store, they are able to really produce any product you can think of. We love their willingness to collaborate with smaller creator-driven labels such as Her Universe! This really opens up a lot of doors and benefits everyone!

Who Would Love This Shop
I think ShopDisney has something for EVERY FashionEarsta!

Captain America Spirit Jersey from ShopDisney

What Needs Work

Sometimes items are placed on backorder or go out of stock very quickly. A savvy shopper needs to be aware of release dates to make sure that they get their items! ShopDisney is definitely higher in price as well, which they may have to look at as more shops come on the scene. (Ok maybe not, it is Disney after all, but one can hope, right!?)

Why We Chose Them
ShopDisney is a staple around here at FashionEarsta headquarters! We love the variety of products and now with their new focus on collaborations we’ve been seeing a ton of clothing and fashion accessories that far surpass our expectations!

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Please let us know what you think about our selection of Marvel clothing from Marvel Official and Shop Disney! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see some of these accessories in action! 

Pixie Dust and Glamour! 



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