Disney Decorating for a Magical Holiday

FashionEarstas, there is nothing this EarGoddess loves more at Christmastime than decorating, except maybe adding Disney magic to my decorations! I’ve gathered a few images of my happy little Disney tree, plus a handful of links to brilliant DIY ideas for those of you who are like me: not-so-gifted in arts and crafts!

How I Became a Tree Fanatic

First off, of utmost importance is my Disney tree. When we bought our new home about two and half years ago, I only cared about one thing: I wanted to eventually have a themed Christmas tree in every room. It was something I’d dreamed about since I was a young girl, and despite my family thinking I’m slightly nuts, it makes me really happy to add a tree each year!

The first year, I was inspired by my friend’s Wizard of Oz tree to start with a Harry Potter tree, mostly because we had a growing Harry Potter ornament collection. But last year, I put up the Disney tree for the first time, and between my stuffed animal collection, my ear collection, and a few ornaments I picked up, we had a great “little tree that could”!

So THIS year, being the first FashionEarsta Christmas celebration, I knew I had to step up my game. Here are a few photos of my tree underway:

I’ve added more ornaments this year:

And I added these little fellas under the tree:

Eeyore looks super annoyed to be sitting under a tree…

The final result turned out great this year!

How Can You Create Your Own Disney Tree?

Maybe you’re a little low on funds for your decorating budget this late in the game. If so, here is a quick and dirty way to get a happy little dose of Disney Magic in your home for the holidays:

  1. Procure a tree of your preferred size.
  2. Gather any random red, white, and silver or gold simple ornaments that you can afford to repurpose. If you don’t have any, the dollar store is GREAT for these.
  3. Purchase one big roll of red and white polka dot ribbon (mine is wired and glittery)!
  4. Add all your Disney animals and ears, plus a handful of bows and random ornaments, and VOILA! You have yourself a tree!

Disney DIY Ideas

Like I said above, I’m no Martha Stewart, but I can rock a simple tutorial! Here are a few ideas I found for you online:

Small Shop Purchases to Quickly Add to the Magic

Here at FashionEarsta we try to support small businesses as much as possible, so here are a few quick ideas for festive Disney decor for other parts of your house that you can easily purchase online!

As you can see, this FashionEarsta could go on and on, sourcing centerpieces for tablescapes or cozy pillows or even matching family pajamas (MORE ON THAT LATER). But I will let you get to your fabulous decorating. Throw on some Christmas tunes, make some hot chocolate, and spread the Christmas pixie dust and glamour!

I want to see your decorations! Post a pic our Facebook group to share you amazing ideas! Be sure to follow us on our FacebookPinterest, or Instagram pages so that you’re always in the loop and can follow along with our adventures!

Pixie dust and glamour!



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