Ask a FashionEarsta: How to Pack for Disney in Fall?

The Fancy Floridian answers your questions about dressing for unpredictable Florida weather and how to pack for Disney in Fall

This question comes from a FashionEarsta who lives in a normal part of the world with normal seasons and weather who is worried about how to pack for Disney in fall and winter!

Dear FashionEarsta,

Any advice for this weird time in between summer and fall? Do I have to pack jeans and jackets if I’m visiting for the Christmas party?

-I Don’t Check a Bag

Dear Check-a-Bag,

Hello up there! What’s it like to experience autumn? I’ve seen pictures and it seems lovely!

To answer your question, I have to explain Central Florida’s typical year:

  • April – June: Hot. Thunderstorms every afternoon around 3pm.
  • July-October: So hot that we don’t go outside unless someone is paying us. Still thunderstorms.
  • November-December: Hot. Sometimes a little windy.
  • January-March: Hot… but for 3 days at a time it will be in the 30s. There is no warning or way to predict when these days will occur.

So… this is actually a tough one! Typically you can get away without bringing a sweater or pants… BUT if your vacation happens to coincide with one of our cold snaps, you might be in for an uncomfortable few days. And, honestly, the long-term weather forecasts are not great predictors of what it will actually be like during your vacation.

Fortunately, I do have a strategy for those times when I stay in Orlando in the “cool season” aka November-March.

Pack for Florida weather (plus a travel outfit)

My plan is pretty simple: assume that it will be, at the coolest, in the mid-60s. Pack those shorts and tank tops! Throw your boots into the back of your closet! Don’t forget your bathing suit for the resort pool!

One of Florida’s selling points is that, even when it’s cold (for us), it’s usually still nice out. I remember biking to elementary school when it was in the 60s and one of my friends’ moms had legitimately dressed her in a winter coat and ski mask. So, if you’re googling the weather the week before your trip and see apocalyptic headlines like “Cold Front in Orlando Next Week,” be sure to check what temperature it is predicting, because a Florida cold front isn’t a Minnesota cold front!

That being said, you might get a cool night or morning if you’re coming in the fall. Here’s where that travel outfit comes in: wear a sweater on the plane or in the car that can also double as a Disney outfit just in case.

Cinderella Jogger Pants for Adults

This plan does have a few caveats, though:

Bring jackets for your little ones

If you have kids, bite the bullet, check a bag and bring their jackets. I know it stinks, but it doesn’t stink as much as listening to them be miserable in the Magic Kingdom all morning. I know so many parents who caved and got a Walmart winter jacket on day 2 of their vacation…don’t risk it when they’ll just grow out of it next year anyways.

If you’re worried about space in your suitcase, we’d reccomend puffer jackets! They’re mostly air so can be squished down, and Walmart and Amazon have affordable styles that are cute for both Disney and at home.

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Budget for a Spirit Jersey

Unless your willpower is much, much stronger than mine, you were going to get at least one souvenir at Disney World anyways. Leave money in your travel budget for each adult to grab a Spirit Jersey or other long-sleeve shirt just in case you hit a cold patch that you can’t tough out.

My constant refrain for about 90% of the year is: “Oh I love that Spirit Jersey but I live in Florida. I’d wear it one day per year.” Well guess what, this is that one day per year! These long-sleeve shirts look thin, but they’re actually quite sturdy, which makes them unbearably hot for most of the year but perfectly packable during the rest of the year. Plus they’re supposed to fit loosely, which means you can layer them over your regular outfit instead of a jacket.

(Also, in the winter months they have fuzzy Spirit Jerseys!)

How to Pack for Disney in Fall: Layers, Layers, Layers!

The key takeaway here is that Orlando weather is unpredictable! It might be 45 degrees at rope drop, raining at noon and a beautiful 70 degrees during the fireworks! Or it could be 95 degrees all day in November! Your best plan is to bring coordinating separates–none of which are too bulky–that you can layer if need be.

Fortunately, boxy shirts and tanks are in style right now, so layering isn’t too tough! Here are a few outfit ideas:

Vintage Varsity Letterman Layers

Comfy Casual Layered Look

We love sweatshirt/bike shorts looks for the fall because they’re easy to swap out when the temperature changes; just substitute full-length leggings for the shorts! And if the afternoons are warm it’s now trendy (again) to tie the sweatshirt around your waist!

Cozy Christmas Party Style

I hope this helps your planning, Check-a-Bag! Even if Florida weather throws you a curveball, I know you’ll be prepared (or at least have the budget to splurge a bit!)

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