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Unique Disney Ears by Crafty Olivia Cuties

This boutique features some of the most unique Disney ears and creative designs we’ve ever seen!

With Disney fans flooding back to the parks now that summer is in full swing and people are vacationing again, FashionEarsta wants to help you show up in style with the perfect, unique ears! But just like a prom dress that makes appearances multiple times at one prom, who wants to arrive wearing the same ears as everyone else?? Crafty Olivia Cuties manages to create some of our favorite ear designs as well as paying homage to some characters you rarely see and showing incredible attention to detail in every pair of ears!

Beauty and the Beast Unique Disney Ears - Crafty Olivia Cuties - FashionEarsta
These incredible Beauty and the Beast ears display just how much love and attention to high quality detail go into each pair.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, shop owner Olivia loves to spend her free time sculpting (her Etsy shop was primarily tiny sculpted charms when she started out). Over the past few years, she started making unique Disney ears and her artistic talents definitely shine through in her designs. She says this about her mission: “I hope to share my love for Disney by making creative and unique ears that fit anyone’s style.” We think she’s doing GREAT!

Price Range: $$

Number of products: 171 styles of ears and 2 styles of bows

Turnaround time: Items ship within 2 weeks of ordering

What We Love 

We love the artistic flair and beautiful clean look of this Etsy shop. It also is super easy to scroll through pictures of their ears. In addition, you can’t help but be wowed by the really special characters that you often don’t find elsewhere. Some examples include: Robin Hood, Toulouse, Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope, Flynn Rider, Teacup Ride, Big Thunder Mountain, Megara, Maximus, Pegasus, Owl, Flower, Hocus Pocus, Pinocchio, Figaro, Iago, and Princess Atta! Familiar characters even have different and creative designs that you don’t typically see from other shops, so your Aurora ears or Pirates of the Caribbean ears will really stand out.
Olivia - Crafty Olivia Cuties wearing Rey Unique Disney ears at Disneyland
Shop owner Olivia wearing her best-selling Rey ears at Disneyland.
Photo: Crafty Olivia Cuties

Who Would Love This Shop
FashionEarstas who are looking for unique Disney ears with artistic designs or who love a more obscure character!

What Needs Work

We would LOVE to see more pictures of the ears on human heads in her Etsy shop, though you can check out her Instagram @craftyoliviacuties to see some of them in action.

Why We Chose Them
My last name is Flynn, and we obviously needed a pair of Flynn Rider ears. When I went on the hunt, Olivia’s gorgeous pair popped up, and we’ve been in love with all of her designs ever since!

Flynn Rider Unique Disney Ears - FashionEarsta
The Flynn Rider ears that started my love affair with Crafty Olivia!

How is the Shop to Use?

We love that this shop is so bright and easy to use. The menu could definitely use a couple of subcategories. With 175 products, it was a little harder to find exactly what you’re looking for without going to the search. But it’s adorable, nonetheless!

What Customer Service Can You Expect?

This Disney ear store has a five-star rating on Etsy with thousands of reviews, and customers are raving about the items’ incredible quality and attention to those important character details. All ears are made to order, so two weeks is also impressive for shipping speed!

What People are Saying

From Etsy customers:   

These ears are amazing; my absolute favorite! The quality is top notch and they are so comfortable. The customer service is also out of this world. I will definitely be buying all my ears from here in the future!!!


These are even better in person! The quality is amazing as well as the attention to detail. Looking forward to wearing these to Disney in the fall!


When I give ear praise… please know that I’ve bought a lot and I mean it. These are the best ears I’ve ever purchased. Nothing is as gorgeous, top quality and comfortable as this pair of ears. I have told all my friends and family about them, I can’t stop talking about them, I completely LOVE them!


Ear Goddess’s Favorite Items from Crafty Olivia Cuties

I have saved so many designs to my favorites list on Etsy – and may have a few in my cart already. Don’t you love that you can even get a pair of custom made ears by this fabulous artist? One customer drew her design and Olivia brought it to life! Hoping that all of you find the perfect pair of unique Disney ears to fit your personality in this store.

Visit Crafty Olivia Cuties here.

Please let me know what you think about Crafty Olivia Cuties! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see some of these accessories in action! 

Pixie Dust and Glamour! 

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