Best Gifts for Tweens: FashionEarsta’s Holiday Gift Guide

FashionEarsta’s 2021 Gift Guide shows you our picks for the best Disney gifts for tweens this holiday season

It’s tough to be a tween, and sometimes it can be just as tough to figure out what they want for the holidays! Fortunately, FashionEarsta has you covered with our picks for the best Disney gifts for tweens in 2021. Whether you’re shopping for a bookish Belle or a gaming Gaston, we have just the gifts for you!

For the Tween Who Loves Hoodies

Tweens break all laws of thermodynamics; I think if you’re under the age of 14 you can wear a hoodie in literally any weather without overheating!

So if you’re looking for a cute gift that they’ll actually wear, check out these Disney hoodies:

For the Book-Loving Tween

Is your tween, like Belle, always found with their nose stuck in a book? Have they already devoured all of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson books? They might love these Young Adult-level, alternate takes on Disney tales, superheroes and attractions. The best part? They’re all the first in a series so if they love these titles you can keep feeding their voracious appetite for books!

For the Tween FashionEarsta

Is your tween a budding stylist? Or maybe they’re obsessed with Japanese toys? Either way, Disney’s new plush line, Disney NuiMOs has you covered. These small plushes and outfits are trendy and skew older than most Disney toys. Plus the act of dressing them in tiny Disney Spirit Jerseys and giving them tiny ears and popcorn buckets is addictive!

For the Tween Who Loves Gaming

Does your tween love their Nintendo Switch or PC games? There are plenty of tween-appropriate Disney games that they’ll lose themselves in for days (for good or for bad!) and, best of all, they have instant access to these titles on stream or other online platforms so no need to worry about shipping. Not sure what they play? Let them pick out a game for themselves!

For the Tween who Loves Halloween

Is your tween’s favorite holiday Halloween (and do they roll their eyes at cute matching holiday PJs?) You’re definitely not alone! Here are our choices for off-the-cuff fashion and accessories for tweens with a “spooky” aesthetic.

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For the Tween Collector

Is your tween a connoisseur of pop culture? Funko Pops are a fun collection, and these vinyl figures are always coming out with new Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters to collect!

For the VK (Villains Kids) Tween

The Descendants has been one of the top Disney franchises for tweens over the past few years, so if your tween is “rotten to the core” or ever dressed as Mal, these gifts might hit the spot!

Be sure to check out the rest of our holiday gift guides for teens, tweens, and everyone in between! We’ll definitely update you as more holiday fashion and merch rolls out, so keep an eye on fashionearsta.com and our social media pages! You can follow us on our FacebookPinterest, or Instagram pages so that you’re always in the loop and can follow along with our adventures!

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