FashionEarsta’s Favorites in the 2021 Amazon Toy Guide

The 2021 Amazon Toy Guide has arrived. We help you narrow down the best choices for the kids in your family!

When we saw the Amazon Toy Guide for 2021, we were a bit overwhelmed here at FashionEarsta! As always, there are so many choices on Amazon that it was easy to get lost in a world of toys.

Our goal is to make toy shopping a little easier for you this holiday season. We selected a few of our favorites and organized them by age group. So let’s travel to Toy Land!

Toy Guide for ages 0-2

At this age, it’s hard to know what toys to buy your little ones. You might be focused on just keeping them well-fed and rested! But, when playtime rolls around, here are a few toys that we think make good holiday gifts for the youngest in your household. From bath time to educational and mobility toys, these selections are a good place to start and fill your child’s nursery!

Ages 3-5

At this age, kids are have a slightly longer attention span where they can start to play with cars, music, and simple games. It’s also the age where imagination starts to shine, and what better way to let a child’s imagination run wild than a 4 foot tall doll house? We also loved the Toniebox Audio Player. It’s a great way for kids to easily control music without the screen time that comes with a lot of audio toys. Perfect for bedtime or playtime, it is portable for use inside or outside the home.

Toys for ages 6 – 8

This age range featured heavily in the 2021 Amazon Toy Guide. In our choices we wanted to focus on some classics such as a bike and NERF toys, but also include toys that offer more of an education aspect to them such as puzzles and Legos.

Who can resist a friendly board game between kids and parents? We really appreciated the Villainous twist that this Sorry game brings to the classic competition. We all know that there is at least one villainous player in every family! But, our favorite toy for this age was the Star Wars Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Animatronic Figure! Grogu will reach out his hands when he wants to be picked up! It’s an adorable, interactive gift.

Gift Guide for ages 9 – 12

One of the toughest ages to buy for – in our opinion – is 9-12 year olds. We wanted to incorporate a mix of electronics, classic toys and the hottest trends for this age group in our gift guide. The Fidget Game Sensory Packs are popping fun and expected to be a top seller this year for the holidays! Pixicade is a cool new way to create your own video game and play it on a mobile device.

Tweens are usually getting their first mobile phone at this age so the Canon Mini Photo Printer is a great way to let them print their photos and easily decorate their room! And headphones are pretty much a must-have accessory to use with phones, computers and gaming.

Gifts for Teens

This age group loves electronics and there is nothing more popular than gaming accessories! You definitely can’t go wrong with keyboards, headsets, and more! But if you are really going to go all-out for the holidays with you teen, check out the Canon Content Creator. It is a complete kit to stream, vlog and let your teen’s creative juices flow!

Check out the FashionEarsta Holiday Guide for Teens if you need a little more inspiration for that age that either wants everything or nothing!

We hope you got a lot of ideas from the 2021 Amazon Toy Gift Guide. What toys are you planning on getting your kids this holiday season? Let us know on our social channels!

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