Lucky Little Lizard: Elsa and Bruni Ear Review

It’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day, and here at FashionEarsta we’re feeling lucky! And even though there aren’t any Disney animated movies set in Ireland, there are plenty of characters that seem to have a touch of the “Luck ‘o the Irish!” (If you want to raid the Disney vault for Irish movies, there were a whole bunch of 1960s live-action films like Darby O’Gill and The Fighting Prince of Donegal. And 2020’s Artemis Fowl was also set there!)

Mostly, Disney sidekicks and supporting characters seem to luck out pretty often! You can check out my FashionEarsta feature on lucky Disney sidekicks on the blog!

But in terms of fashion, this week we decided to check out a pair of ears based on the lucky little lizard of Frozen II, Bruni!

No, he’s not green, nor is he even vaguely Irish. But Bruni, the fire spirit who becomes Elsa’s companion in the Enchanted Forest north of Arendelle, is definitely a lucky little guy!

Lucky he’s so CUTE!

Because let’s face it: this lizard is lucky to be alive! This extremely-huggable and very-merchandisable sidekick is so adorable that it’s easy to forget that he started the movie as one of the bad guys.

Remember those stressful scenes where Elsa and co. were trapped by fast-moving forms fires that seemed stronger than even her ice magic? That was our Bruni!

Fun fact: the seemingly weird choice to have a salamander as the embodiment of the element of fire actually traces back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology (though not necessarily the Norse myths that the Frozen franchise usually pulls from). Salamanders were known for hibernating in rotting wood, so in the wintertime when people threw a log onto their fire a very startled salamander might jump out of the flames.

Medieval philosophers thought that salamanders were born out of fire, so they came to be associated with this element. Myths of dragons may also have originated from these observations of “fire lizards.” Of course, salamanders aren’t fireproof, just cold!

Luckily, Elsa is able to corner the little salamander before he melts Anna and Olaf’s faces off. Luckily for him he is able to shapeshift into a form that is just too darn cute for her to want to capture or punish in any way. I mean, could you?

And here’s where Elsa gets lucky: Bruni just so happens to love the taste of snowflakes! (And, honestly, she’s lucky that they don’t hurt him! I wouldn’t expect a fire elemental to be able to consume something that seems anathema to his very being, but I didn’t write the movie).

So Elsa lucks into (another) sidekick and Bruni lucks into a sweet life being fed tasty snowflakes and no loner burning up the forest.

By the end of the film, Elsa has discovered that she is the fifth elemental spirit (everyone knows that the five elements are air, fire, water, earth, and Elsa) and is the bridge between the human and spirit worlds. Even though she mostly has to leave her loved ones behind, she’s lucky to have made new friends in Bruni, the Nokk, and the Northuldra!

I call a lot of this movie’s plot advancement “luck” because it’s not always clear to me what the characters’/elementals’ motivations are. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love Frozen II and that I wouldn’t die for Bruni!

When I saw that one of my favorite shops, MouseTiara, has a pair of Elsa and Bruni ears, I couldn’t resist snapping them up like Bruni snaps up a snowflake! (They also have Bruni and Pascal, Fire-Bruni, and what I’m going to call Loooong Bruni ears!)

Read on for my review of these lucky lizard ears!

Get yourself a pair of
Elsa and Bruni ears h


What We Loved

Unique Theme/Style: 

Excellent! These ears are big and graphic, so the characters read as Elsa and Bruni from a good distance!

Plus the snowflake motif on the little felt cutouts definitely reads Frozen.

Ear Shape/Size: 

Good – these ears are quite large, but when I wear my hair curly they don’t overwhelm my head.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend them for a child or anyone with a smaller head, though – they might be disproportionately large.


Good. These ears came in a sturdy box wrapped in tissue paper. Plus we love the custom Mouse Tiara tag that they came with!


Good – the headband is a good size and has a sewn-on liner with a custom tag!


Excellent – this bow is overstuffed AND sparkly! I was a little worried that the large snowflake would be flimsy, but it’s attached quite securely. Plus the little hidden mickey at the center of the bow is just too cute!


Good – These ears are like hand-sewn stuffed animals, which adds to their charm. While there is evident stitching on Bruni’s head, it’s well-done and looks like an intentional part of the design instead of something that needs to be hidden.

Turnaround Time:

Good – Their website is clear about their turnaround time, and even during the height of COVID-19 restrictions (when I ordered these) they came from Puerto Rico within two weeks!

Who would love these? 

Frozen-obsessed FashionEarstas like myself who want ears that are undoubtedly Elsa-inspired! I will warn you that you’ll spend a lot of your day answering the question “who’s the lizard?” from other park-goers, but make sure you memorize Bruni’s name ahead of time and you’ll be fine!

What Needs Work


Ok – The felt ears themselves are adorable and sturdy, and I love the glitter bow.

Elsa’s hair and the foam snowflake in the middle are pretty flimsy, though, and I would be very hesitant to put these in a bag or under a poncho in case any of the foam decorations got bent.


Ok – Because the ears are large, the headband is a tad top-heavy. Nothing crazy, but I wouldn’t wear them if it was too breezy outside!

The headband also does pinch a bit after a few hours of wear.

Pricing: $$$

Ok – they’re not cheap but they’re decent quality for what you pay!

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears?

Wear these to Atohallan… I mean, the Norway Pavilion at Epcot, where you might be lucky enough to snag a selfie with Elsa! (You can also find a Bruni shoulder-sitter if you want to wear MAXIMUM BRUNI!)

Overall Score: (4.5/5)

We hope these ears will make you feel as lucky as Elsa and Bruni were in Frozen II! If nothing else, they’re adorable and will let everyone know that you appreciate a good Disney sidekick just as much as a princess!

Get yourself a pair of
Elsa and Bruni ears here!

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review, these ears, Mouse Tiara, or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see our ears in action!  

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