Cleaning Bubbles: 3D Printed Figment Ear Review

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That is what I heard a gravelly, high-pitched and very annoyed voice yell at me. What happened… where am I?  I opened my eyes, dazed and very confused and tried to retrace my steps in my mind. We were at EPCOT! I was waiting for my family to get off the Nemo ride….I found a bench in the shade….I must have fallen asleep, but what was hoovering around me? My eyes widened at the sight before me.

“Figment?” I asked bewildered.

“In the flesh!” He responded happily. 

“I never thought you would wake up!  Come on we have work to do before the ride starts again!”

“What are you talking about, what is happening?”

“No time for pleasantries new friend, we need to get moving!”

Still very confused as to how I could be talking to Figment, I got up and started to follow him into the building. Once inside he pointed to the lab coats and safety glasses.

“Put those on, you are going to need them!”

Next he handed me a toothbrush. 

“You are going to need that too, oh and are you ok hanging upside down for a little while? Good!” He answered before I could even get a word out to answer him.

Next we walked up a long flight of twisty, turny stairs, it was almost completely black it was so dark but as we neared the top I could start to see colors of light. I realized then that we must be in the Figment’s House part of the ride. The stairs came to an end where there was a double railing and black wall.

“Figment, what are we doing?” I asked a little uneasily.  I mean, here I was somewhere in a building at the end of a dark staircase in a lab coat, safety glasses and holding a toothbrush being lead around by a purple dragon. How do I get myself into these situations?

“Well you see, the bubbles in my bathtub need some cleaning and I thought you would be the perfect person to help me!”

Cleaning while I’m at Disney World?!? Not in my vocabulary but then I looked up and saw Figment’s hopeful and adorable face; how could I say no?

“Ok, Figment I will help you… but how?”

“Oh that’s easy! You just hook your legs over the railing and hang upside down then use the tooth brush and start cleaning the bubbles! ”

“That sounds a little dangerous, Figment, and besides you can fly!”

“That is true, new friend, but I am on a time crunch! The ride is opening soon and I can’t get it done by myself before even more new friends come through! That’s where you come in!”

Silently, I accepted the fact that I had gotten myself into this mess, and since this purple dragon seemed to be getting a little desperate, I needed to clean these bubbles and hopefully be on my way. I did have a moment of panic thinking that maybe I was being kidnapped by a purple dragon but shooed that ridiculous thought away!

Figment pushed a button and the panel next to the railing opened, sure enough there we were above Figment’s Bathtub. I slowly climbed up the railing and sat with my back facing the open panel. I linked my legs tightly around the railing and slowly leaned backwards until I was eye to eye with the bubbles that I needed to clean. After the blood rushed to my head I got to work as quickly as a I could scrubbing Figments bathtub bubbles with my toothbrush.  I had to take breaks to sit up and allow the blood to settle back to where it should be! However, after about 30 minutes the bubbles in Figment’s bathtub were sparkly clean!

Figment’s House

We had finished just in the nick of time because there was suddenly an alarm going off.

“We need to get out of here!” Figment said, shutting the panel. I ran down the stairs with Figment leading the way.

“Here is the door, new friend, put your lab coat and glasses back cause I have to go!  The ride is starting and I need to take my place so that people know which way to go! BYE, NEW FRIEND!!!!” Figment yelled as he flew away. 

“Mom! Mom!?….Oh there you are! Are you sleeping? DAD! I found her!!” Familiar voices called to me, Slowly I opened my eyes, I was on a bench outside of Journey Into Imagination with Figment, waiting for my family. Wait, did I just dream that?  So confused, I looked around and saw my family running towards me.

“The bell just sounded mom, Figment is open again we can go now!” My kids are always so excited to ride Figment’s ride.

“Ok lets go!” I grabbed my bag and wiped the sleep out my eyes wondering how I had managed to have such a vivid dream.

“Mom, where did you get that toothbrush?” In the outside of my bag was the white toothbrush from my dream. Baffled, I just stared.

“I am not sure, I must have picked it up somewhere?” An odd answer, where does one just pick up a tooth brush…Ew!?

Super confused we boarded the ride and went through all the sights, smells, and feels then as we were going into Figments House I swear that yellow sweater-wearing Dragon winked at me!

Was this all real, or was it just a figment of my imagination? I guess I will never know the real answer and that is oddly ok with me!


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Figment ears here

What We Loved

Ear Shape/Size: 

Excellent. These are perfectly spaced!

Unique Theme/Style: 

Excellent! These ears are simple yet interesting, they could be anything Epcot related but in our case we chose Figment and the uniqueness of the ears themselves makes them wonderful.

Materials: Excellent! Nice 3d Printed materials and the bow and Figment embellishment are lovely as well.


Excellent. Nice Sturdy box and the ears were secured very well in miles of tissue paper.


Excellent! Beautiful, sturdy, does not flip or flop.

Pricing: $$$

Turnaround Time: 

Great. Got them within 2 weeks as noted on the Etsy Page.


Excellent! I might have said “so-so” on the headband because of how the weight the ears fall forward. However, this brilliant ear maker knew they would be heavy and went ahead and included a piece of velcro so that your ears do not fall forward. Good thought!


Excellent! There is very little glue but the glue that holds the bow and Figment in place is on point!

Who would love these? 
Imagination Adventurers!! Figment Lovers and those that love a subtle yet themed ear!

What Needs Work


Good! The ears are heavy and fall forward. I am not sure they would pass my teacup test or the Fancy Floridian’s Spaceship Earth Test.

Here at FashionEarsta we are always looking for amazing and unique Fashion and sometimes we do not have to look very far! Look at this awesome embroidery from SeaWitchesStitches! If you are a FashionEarsta fan you may recognize the lovely face behind this fun shop!

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears? 

The Imagination Pavillion of course! And just Epcot in general!

Credit: Disney Parks

Overall Score: (4.7/5.0)

Want to learn more about Figment and the history of the ride “Journey into the Imagination with Figment?” check out the Fancy Floridian’s blog post all about him:

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Goodness, I really love a 3D Printed Ear! They are super fun! What are your favorite kind of ears, FashionEarstas?

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review, Figment Ears, Magic Mountain Ears or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see these ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  




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