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Disney released some gorgeous girls’ Easter dresses inspired by princesses and more!

As a kid, I absolutely despised any and all department stores, mostly because my family only ever visited them when I had outgrown my Easter dress. They were always stiff, scratchy, and boring (and it took ages to try them all on in the store).

Fortunately, shopDisney is trying to solve that problem by dropping Easter dresses that should be both kid and parent-approved! These pretty frocks are inspired by Disney Princesses, but in a subtle way that is still appropriate to wear for formal occasions.

The best thing: you can also consider wearing these to events later in the spring, like school award ceremonies or graduations!

Keep reading for our picks of these princess party dresses!

Princess Easter Dresses

Princess Pearls and other Accessories

Add the cherry to the top of an adorable springtime outfit with these accessories!

Disney Princess Knit Jacket for Girls

More Dresses

These may not be Princess party dresses, but they’re still adorable and great for spring and summer occasions!

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Can you resist these plushies?

And finally, here are some truly tempting, absolutely adorable Easter plushies that would look great in pictures or atop an Easter basket!

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Pixie dust and glamour!

The Fancy Floridian Purple Minnie Mouse emoji with sunglasses

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