Space 220 Review: The Best Disney Dining Experience?

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The Fancy Floridian and EarstaDiva’s Space 220 review spills all the details of their out-of-this-world dining experience!

Since it opened on October 1, Disney diners have been raving about Epcot’s newest restaurant, Space 220! This out-of-this-world restaurant recently joined the Mission Space pavilion and (spoiler) it just might be our favorite thing that has debuted at Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration to date!

Here’s how Disney’s website describes Space 220:

Step inside Space 220—featuring a celestial panorama from a space station—for a delicious meal. To begin your journey, board a special space elevator that will ascend to the stars! Along the way, viewports will give you an aerial view of Epcot as you travel high above the planet. As you dine, peer out and enjoy amazing daytime and nighttime views of Earth from 220 miles up.

Sometimes Disney restaurants overpromise and underperform, but we’re happy to report that our mission to space (dining) lived up to the hype! This was truly one of the most immersive and delicious Disney meals we’ve enjoyed in a while, and everyone in our crew found something to write back to Earth about!

Here’s how the Fancy Floridian, EarstaDiva and the Seven Seas Bees enjoyed and explored this new restaurant in Epcot!

What we Wore to Space 220!

When FashionEarstas dine out, we dine out in style! And since we were heading 220 miles above the earth’s surface, we definitely had to dress the part! EarstaDiva rocked a solar-panel style sequined jumpsuit, while the Fancy Floridian went with a high-low dress inspired by the architecture of the outside of the restaurant.

Here’s a closer look at how we put together these looks:

Galactic Gown

The Fancy Floridian got creative with layering when she put together this galaxy gown! This high-low top is amazingly versatile because it can go over almost anything! Wear it over jeans during the day and swap it out for a skirt at night! Paired with this galaxy-print skirt and sneakers, this is prefect for a park day. But at home this can be worn with heels and chunky silver jewelry to dress it up even more!

(This look also matches the sold-out Space Mountain ears and Loungefly from the 2020 Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction collection. You can find great lookalike Space Mountain ears like these on Etsy for an awesome DisneyBound!)

Space Mountain Ears by GrapeSodaClub on Etsy

Solar Sequins

EarstaDiva was glowing like Spaceship Earth in this sequined showstopper! A silver jumpsuit gets worn… more often than you might think it would. Dress it up for New Year’s Eve or wear it with sneakers and a denim jacket for a girls’ night out! That’s what we did… and our night out was out…of this world!

What we Ate at Space 220!

Check out the Space 220 menu if you’re a fan of space puns!

Here’s our highlights from out dinner:

The food was good… but the moon plates were the star (pun intended) of the show!

Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog

There’s a “secret menu!” Well, it’s the menu for the Space 220 lounge (the walk-up only bar area at the back of the restaurant) and there are a few different items on there. While you can’t order anything off the lounge menu to replace any of the prix fixe elements of your meal, you can add them to your dinner if you ask your wait staff nicely! We were obsessed with the deviled eggs, which were brilliantly briny!

Try a cocktail…or two! The Fancy Floridian chose the Big Tang specifically because it came with astronaut ice cream and it turned out to be dinner and a show! Try their Celestial Cosmopolitan with “moon dust” for another fun surprise!

For our main dishes (Star Course options) we tried the filet and the Branzino. One regret was not ordering the salmon… not because the other dishes weren’t amazing, but because it comes smoking under a dome that reminded us of an astronaut’s helmet! Once we saw a salmon dish going to another table we had some serious FOMO!

The atmosphere (artificially pressurized or not) was the absolute best part of the restaurant. While most reviewers have praised the space elevator rides (amazing) and the view out the “windows” (try to spot the space dog and lightsaber fight), one of our favorite parts was the restroom! The theming of every little part of this restaurant is out of this world.

We were completely stuffed by the time it came down to our Supernova Sweets (dessert course?) Yes. Did that stop us? No.

We both actually ordered the same lovely dessert, the Chocolate Cheesecake, because the heart wants what the heart wants. And our hearts wanted chocolate shards. This was such an aesthetically gorgeous dessert that it had to go one our highlights reel!

While you’re at Epcot, don’t miss the other new arrivals – Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the rest of the France Pavilion expansion! It is all the way on the other side of the park (near the International Gateway exit in the World Showcase) but we think of it as an opportunity to walk off our filling dinner from Space 220! Check out the Fancy Floridian’s review here:

Our verdict: Space 220 is the best experiential dining option at Walt Disney World right now!

This restaurant has officially replaced Cinderella’s Royal Table as our favorite very-special-occasion meal at Disney World! It has the immersive cast members and theming of Oga’s Cantina, the exclusivity of CRT, and the best food outside of the World Showcase. The Fancy Floridian did back-to-back dinners at CRT and Space 220 with 3 kids under 12 and they all greatly preferred the new restaurant!

If you’re going to splurge and you want to dress up and play along with a fun, themed experience this is definitely the restaurant for you!

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I hope this helps inspire you to get creative with your Disney Dining dressing, FashionEarstas!

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Pixie dust and glamour!

The Fancy Floridian Purple Minnie Mouse emoji with sunglasses

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