Disney Ear Review: Baublebar Polka Dot Ears

Bring the Bling with these classic but oversized Baublebar Polka Dot ears

When it comes to Minnie Mouse ears, I’m generally of the opinion that bigger is better! That’s why these polka dot ears from Baublebar immediately grabbed my attention: they are pretty “extra” for a pair of official Disney Parks ears!

From their oversized tulle bow to the rhinestone embellishments and scattered pearls on these velvet ears, it feels like Baublebar just kept saying “more, more more!” when they were designing them! And sometimes that’s just what you need to get into the Minnie spirit and rock the dots!

We recently wore these ears around Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to get a feel for their comfort and wearability. And we’re happy to report that we got plenty of compliments on them from park guests and cast members alike! Best of all, you can still grab these ears from shopDisney.com!

Here’s what these ears look like in real life:


What We Loved

Unique Theme/Style: 


These ears don’t have a smack-you-in-the-face theme beyond polka dots… but that’s nice sometimes! We like that they say “Minnie Mouse” without being too specific. Plus black and white matches with almost any outfit!



As you would expect from professionally mass-manufactured ears, there is no evidence of stitching or gluing on these ears.



The entire ear is plush black velvet, which is soft and super cute. We also enjoyed the variety of the embellishments on the ears, from rhinestones to pearls.



The bow is the best part of these ears! It’s huge, light and fluffy, made of several layers of white tulle that is plush and beautiful!

Turnaround Time:


I purchased these ears at Disney World



Pricing: $$$

At $44.99 (not including shipping) on shopDisney, they are a bit more expensive than the “standard” Disney Parks ears. But since these are a Baublebar design and have much more embellishment than your average pair of parks ears, I think that it’s a justified price.

Who would love these? 

Disney FashionEarstas who want a versatile pair of ears to match many outfits but who don’t want to sacrifice style to get them! These black and white ears have enough bling to satisfy most divas and the polka dots are still classically fashionable

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What Needs Work

Ear Shape/Size: 

Needs Improvement

The ears are significantly curved forwards, which makes them lean towards the front of your head. It’s not super visible from the front, and maybe my pair was just bent at some point in the manufacturing process…



This headband is fabric-lined so it is a bit slippery.

One thing I did love, though, is the little golden “Disney x Baublebar” tag inside of the headband! It makes the ears feel more luxurious for sure.



These ears are a bit slippery due to the fabric-lined headband. They were quite comfortable, though, and are definitely large enough to be sized for adult heads rather than children’s.

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears?

These oversized polka-dot ears would fit right in at Minnie’s House in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom! If you’re going to explore the wacky, oversized architecture of this little town, these ears are definitely on the dress code! At Disney World, these are classically perfect for a stroll into the newly-renovated Confectionary on Main Street, USA!

Overall Score: (4.6/5)

These classic Baublebar Polka Dot ears are bling-y and beautiful! The slightly misshapen ears and slippery headband knocks it down a few tenths in my scoring, but I still love the look of the oversized bow and the cute pearls!

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of all of our ears! Is there a character we should find a pair of ears for next? Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram; chances are you will see our ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  

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