Minnie on the Move: RunDisney Visor Ear Review

Minnie Mouse is more than just a style icon! True, she has been rocking the ‘dots for decades (and EarGoddess wrote all about the evolution of Minnie’s fashion) on our blog:

But her iconic style isn’t the only thing that’s evolved over the years: so has Minnie’s fitness!

That’s right: Minnie Mouse has also been a fitness influencer! While her fashion was originally prim and ladylike (not likely to break a sweat) in recent years she has frequently dressed in athleisure, motivating kids and adults alike to get up and move!

Here are some of our favorite fitness fashions from Minnie Mouse!


In 1982, Disneyland Records released their Mousercise exercise record! This album let you work out to classic tunes like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “You Can Fly!” This jazzercise record was released alongside an extremely-1980s exercise-clothing line and was so popular that even the president of the United States got caught up in the Mousercise craze!

And in 1983 a TV exercise show, also called Mousercise, launched on the Disney Channel so Minnie and her friends could help lead families in weekly workouts!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Starting in 2006, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse aired on the Disney Channel. One of the show’s goals was to improve children’s health, so it limited food ads and included exercise segments!

We love Minnie’s all-pink exercise outfit and polka-dot Chucks in these segments (definitely more fashionable than Goofy’s grey sweatsuit).


My favorite athleisure look from Minnie Mouse is her RunDisney attire! Maybe I’m biased: I love RunDisney races and hope one day to get a race photo with her and Mickey in these outfits.

Anyways, it’s hard to look bad in black! Plus Minnie’s monogrammed track jacket and custom sneakers are very fashionable.

But what really pulls the look together? Her visor!

I spent a long time looking for something similar for when I run at Disney! Most Minnie Ear headbands fall off when you walk too quickly, so I wanted something sporty and secure that was still cute!

Good thing I found this RunDisney Visor from NostalgicMouseEars on Etsy! I got the chance to put it to the (questionably scientific) test on our YouTube channel recently, and… well… watch for yourself!

Of course, I’ll still do a point-by-point review of these ears here on the blog:

Get yourself a pair of
RunDisney Visor ears here!


What We Loved

Ear Shape/Size: 

Excellent – I was worried that any ears might “catch the wind” while I was running, but because these ears are secured down low on the headband of the visor they don’t budge at all.


Excellent! These came in a sturdy box with paper packing material and protected in a lovely drawstring bag!


Good. The ears themselves are made of a very thin foam that I’ve never seen before. They’re not painted, but since they’re already black it works.

The rest of the visor is made from extremely sturdy canvas materials.


Excellent The linen bow is nice and starched and held its shape well throughout the day. We also loved the crystal bling at the center!

Pricing: $$

Excellent! You can get these for about the same price as if you went to a sporting goods store and bought a plain, boring visor!

Unique Theme/Style: 

Good. We liked the sporty feel that these have even while retaining a very feminine aesthetic!


The headband is just like any other visor you might wear: the velcro closure will grab and pull your hair! This isn’t something this shop can avoid, but do be aware of it, especially if you have a sensitive scalp!

We did love how the shop’s label is sewn into the headband!


Excellent – any evidence of stitching and gluing is well-concealed!

Who would love these? 

FashionEarstas who are into health and fitness would love to add these to their “fancy” gym bag. But even if you don’t exercise outside, these would be great to wear to any Disney park in the summer – no more having to worry about losing your sunglasses on rides!

What Needs Work

Turnaround Time:

Needs Improvement. We had some miscommunication between ourselves and the shop owner at first, but once we finally reached out we received the ears relatively quickly.


As I noticed in my review video, the white visor sits across your forehead and will get sweaty and discolored if you wear it for any length of time. And if you wear makeup it will rub off on the headband. Because this visor isn’t washable you’re kind of stuck with a grimy headband forever. Fortunately, you can’t see this from the outside, but if you’re worried about breakouts, I might stick with a more traditional headband.

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears?

RunDisney races are the place to be seen in these! The Marathon Weekend races are always themed after the Fab 5, so wear these ears to run the full marathon so that you can match your Mickey and Minnie medal!

Overall Score: (4.7/5)

These sporty ears help fill a big gap in the market for Disney athleisure accessories! Hopefully, as RunDisney seems to be growing in popularity, so will the number of similarly-athletic Minnie Ears! Other than a few small issues with sweat (unavoidable at a race or during a long day at the parks) these ears are perfect!

Get yourself a pair of
RunDisney Visor ears here!

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review, these earsNostalgic Mouse Ears, or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see our ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  

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