Best Gifts for Men: FashionEarsta’s Holiday Gift Guide

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FashionEarsta shares our guide to the best gifts for men, whether they’re dapper darksiders, Disney dads, or anything in between!

Remember last year when you tore your hair out, declared that he was “too hard to shop for” and just got him a novelty face mask and a tie for the holidays? We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen again in 2021! FashionEarsta sorted through the sea of “world’s best dad” coffee mugs to find the best gifts for men that are both quality and unique!

Here are our picks:

For Discerning Darksiders

Is his favorite Star Wars character Count Dooku? If you bought him a black cape would he swoosh it? Outfit your classy Star Wars fan’s starship in Dark Side style with these unique gifts from Brookstone.

For the Proud Parent

Disney Dads are full of love, hugs, and generosity! Why not give back to him with a gift that lets him spend time with his favorite little humans, whether that’s for a walk in the park or making Saturday morning waffles!

For the Gamer

Give him permission to disappear into another world (or galaxy) for a few hours with these Disney console games. For the ultimate gift that takes the guesswork out of the equation, give him a gamefly.com subscription so he can choose his own titles to rent or buy!

For the “Dad Joke” Connoisseur

Shopping for someone who laughs along with every joke on the Jungle Cruise and who loves a good pun (paging Mr. Morrow…Mr. Tom Morrow)? Here are some punny gifts for men who are the jokesters in your life.

For the Man who Doesn’t Mind Matching

Whether it’s family Christmas morning pajamas, his-and-hers Disney park t-shirts, or dog-and-dad Spirit Jerseys, the man who loves to dress up with you is truly a keeper! Dress him in style this holiday season!

For the Man who Appreciates Fine Fashion

Now that not every meeting is on Zoom, perhaps the gentleman in your life would appreciate a high-quality accessory with a subtle hint of Disney magic?

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For the Sports Fanatic

If he already has every possible variation of t-shirt supporting his NBA or NFL team… go with what you know he’ll like and get him another one! Junk Food Clothing has tons of great men’s (and unisex) tops in all sorts of pop culture styles, but we’re living for their collaborations between Disney, Star Wars and Marvel with various pro sports leagues. The best part is that they have most styles in the colors/prints of every city’s team!

For Grandfathers

And finally, here are a few ideas for gifts for Pop-Pops, Paw-Paws, and Grandpas everywhere!

Have more people on your shopping list? We’d advise getting holiday gifts early to avoid shipping and supply chain interruptions! Check out our other gift guides, like this one for the teens in your life!

We’ll definitely update you as more holiday fashion and merch rolls out, so keep an eye on fashionearsta.com and our social media pages! You can follow us on our FacebookPinterest, or Instagram pages so that you’re always in the loop and can follow along with our adventures!

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