FashionEarsta’s Marvel Movie News & Style Tips from August!

A look at all of the amazing Marvel Movie News & Posts FashionEarsta Featured This Month!

This past month we took on the task of featuring everything Marvel. FashionEarsta has covered the latest Marvel movie news, style advice, female driven movies and more! From Ears to Ms. Marvel fashion, we have had a bevy of information about our beloved Marvel Universe.

If you are a Marvel junkie like we are, we are sure that you would not want to miss anything! So here is a snapshot of all things Marvel by FashionEarsta this month!

Marvel Ear Finder

Some of our favorite Disney ears lately have been Marvel inspired ears. From mysterious Loki, heroic Captain America and stylist Black Widow, FashionEarsta has you covered with these recent Disney ear reviews based on Marvel movie greats.

FashionEarsta Finds

From Disney bounding to sporty styles, FashionEarsta has rounded up the fashion inspired by Scarlet Witch, Spiderman and more. Read more about our fashion finds in some of our recent articles.

Main Street Style

Have you ever watched a Marvel movie and wondered What’s My Superhero Style? Don’t worry, you are NOT alone. We have too! So we decided to answer a question we received asking “What’s my Superhero Style?”. We help you narrow down the fashion you can find from small Etsy shops to Amazon to create your own style based on your favorite Superhero!

FashionEarsta Feature

Learn how female characters are headlining the current and future Marvel movie news and screen. Plus, get tips on how to channel your superhero style at the Avengers Campus.

We had a great time creating these posts! Which were your favorites? We would love to hear from you! Post below what you loved and what you might want to see in the future!

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