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A Sophisticated Style Guide for the Discerning Star Wars Fan

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Welcome, FashionEarstas,, to your one-stop Style Guide for all things Star Wars! Usually, the fashion industry follows the film industry and since there has not been a Star Wars feature film release lately, the fashion gurus are phasing out their last Star Wars fashions and waiting with bated breath for the next teaser of galactic goodness to come. This makes it challenging to find current fashions that reflect our friends from a Galaxy Far, Far, Away. However, with the incredible success of series like The Mandolorian and the classic characters that will always be easy to find, we were able to put together a sophisticated and fun guide for you!

The key to building a great outfit is to start with the style direction that you want. Decide if you want to be casual like Rey or extra like Padme? Then the next step is to find the one piece that speaks to you. Whether that is your bag, your shoes, or our favorite… ears! Once you have that first piece in place, then tackle the next piece. Start with the easiest pieces first, like a fashion puzzle that will have you looking your best! Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered!


The correct bag is essential for a complete look. Whether you’re in the parks or just sporting a fantastic everyday look, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to add the finishing touches to your ensemble. Luckily, Star Wars bags are a booming industry with lots to choose from. Honestly, the hardest part is choosing which of these perfect bags are best!


A Few of Our Favorite Star Wars Ear Reviews

The entire FashionEarsta staff definitely has an affinity for Star Wars ears, so here are a few that we’ve already reviewed in-person, followed by some of our favorites that we’ve hunted down over time.

Watch for this week’s review of the coveted Ahsoka Tano ears by the Fancy Floridian, too!

FashionEarsta Finds


When it comes to jewelry, fans have a wide variety to choose from, fitting just about any budget. Star Wars jewelry has really evolved over the last few years and many pieces are thoughtfully made with everyday wear in mind. Pandora has some great sterling silver charms and some charms using Swarovski crystals. They also have introduced a bracelet specifically for Star Wars fans that boasts a “Star Wars Clasp”. Cufflinks and tie bars are subtle and elegant ways to show your Star Wars pride without being too in-your-face.


Makeup, in particular, makeup palettes, have been all the rage for quite some time. There are a few FashionEarstas around here who are borderline OBSESSED with themed make-up. With the newest addition of masks, eye makeup has been ever popular. The Star Wars makeup industry has been a little quiet over the last few months, but the most recent addition to the makeup community has been ColourPop’s The Child Palette which of course embodies all of the earthy Mandolorian tones. We could not resist showing you English artist Pat McGrath’s Rise of Skywalker Palette. This complete set is no longer available but you can still find the amazing jewel-toned pallet on some resale sites.


Since the pandemic, many people have become very savvy at doing their own nails. With companies like Color Street and Jamberry, doing your own themed nails has become very easy to do. There are also some great nail sets on Amazon and Etsy. However, we have found that a number of creative FashionEarsta’s have taken to creating their own nail art. Most step-by-step instructions or even videos can be found on Pinterest. Make sure you check out our Pinterest site to find some of these fabulous nail ideas!


You would be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t a lover of shoes here at FashionEarsta! Finding the perfect kicks is not hard. What can often be the biggest challenge is deciding which ones to wear! If you have already decided if your outfit will be dressy or casual this may still be a tricky challenge because shoes are just so versatile. Because there are so many styles to choose from, try starting with the shoes as your base item and build the rest of your ensemble from there.

We hope that you have enjoyed our Star Wars Fashion Romp! With the release of the next movie on the horizon, we hope to see another surge of Star Wars Swag! Until then, have fun hunting goodies to enhance your next Star Wars Outfit!

May The Fourth Be Fashionable!!

Star Wars Fashion Week, 2015
Photo: George Pimentel

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