Snacks with a Side of Fashion

Hello, Friends! EarstaDiva here to talk to you today about one of my all-time favorite things about Disney World…. FOOD!!! When we started this venture, I was so excited to see all the snack-inspired ears out there! I love that we can take our passion of food and fashion and combine the two!  

A big misconception is that the food at WDW is not great. That is a huge falsehood. There are so many dining options available to guests, it can be a little overwhelming! They have EVERYTHING from popcorn to turkey legs!  Not to mention that depending on what location you get your snacks from there can sometimes be a fun spin on these snacks. For example, popcorn can come in a cute character influenced popcorn bucket! How fun is that? I am a HUGE snack lover; I would choose a snack over a sit-down meal almost every time.  Disney follows through with incredible snacks, here are some of my favorites!

Mickey Pretzels!

Happily Ever Hatter’s Mickey Pretzel Ears

Oh my word what a versatile snack!  Such a wonderful, salty treat that can be eaten at any time of day. These are my personal favorites and according to a Disney Food Blog poll, they are the 3rd favorite snack across the Disney boards! They can be found just about anywhere but mostly at little kiosks set up around the parks! 

Mickey Bars!

Itty Bitty Britty Bowtique’s Mickey Bar Ears

Over five million Mickey Bars are sold every year! It is no wonder why; these delicious little bars of creamy, chocolate-y love provide the perfect mid-day treat! I will warn you, though, they are not for the faint of heart if it’s hot outside.  You need to eat fast! If you have little ones, bring wipes—lots and lots of wipes—and prepare to find chocolate in places you didn’t know existed! 

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Shimmering Ever After’s Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich Ears

My favorite is the cookies and cream Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich.  This fabulous snack is what happens when Disney and Nestle get together to come up with a cool treat! These can usually be found at carts around Magic Kingdom. 


Ears by Zoe’s Churro Ears

 Delicate layers of pastry with cinnamon and sugar!? Yes please! The churro originally gained popularity at Disneyland in the mid 1980’s. Over the last decade, they have quietly made their way into Disney World. I usually like to have one of these late afternoons for a little sweet boost. 


To those who know this FashionEarsta, this is no surprise, I absolutely LOVE donuts. You might say that I am an avid donut connoisseur! Very rarely do I meet a sweet fried dough of deliciousness that I do not like! The donuts at Walt Disney World are no exception.

It is tradition for me on the first day of our EPCOT day to grab a vanilla latte at Starbucks (Yes, they have ears for them too!) followed by tracking down the donut cart!  Be warned, the donuts are HUGE and will put you on a sugar high that should last until lunch! 

The options for snacks within the Disney Parks are endless. As is the way with all things Disney, they have a special team dedicated to creating the perfect epicurean experience for guests. This includes everything from their 5-star dining to the Mickey Bar you enjoy on a hot afternoon.  Next time you are in the Parks make sure that you pay attention to the snack carts and kiosks; you never know what fun food adventures they have in store for you!  

What is your favorite snack, FashionEarstas?  Have you ever searched to see if your favorite food is featured on a set of ears?  I would love to hear from you and see what you come up with!  Make sure you check out all of our ear and store reviews and visit us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram!

Pixie dust and glamour!



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