February Feature: Celebrate Love & Friendship

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FashionEarsta discusses different ways to celebrate love & friendship this Valentine’s Day

We are always surprised by how many people are grumpy on Valentine’s Day! Single people are grumpy that it’s not a holiday designed for them and people in relationships are grumpy because there’s so much pressure to plan the perfect date night. That’s a lot of frowns for a holiday with so many pink hearts!

Here at FashionEarsta, we want to bring the spirit of Disney magic to every day, including Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday where we celebrate love and friendship in all their forms, so whether you’re in a relationship, single, or blessed with beautiful friendships, we have some ideas for stress-free Valentine’s Day plans!

Valentines Ideas for Couples Inspired by Disney Duos

Sometimes it can be easy to dismiss Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday, right? But, one of things my (Belle of the Ball’s) family and I have learned in the pandemic is to do a better job of showing love and appreciation for friends and loved ones. So, this year, we decided why not celebrate this traditional Hallmark holiday! It’s a chance for us to say thanks for being by my side!

My husband and I try to take every opportunity to tell each other we love one another. But, I will say that we come from slightly different worlds when it comes to Disney. I am a full blown Disney fan. Every since I can remember, Disney has been a part of family vacations, my birthday cakes, my memories. It’s something that I have passed down to my daughter. My husband, on the other hand, tolerates my love of Disney! While he has a different happiest place on earth, he does enjoy our trips to Walt Disney World because he knows it’s my happy place!

So, how are we incorporating the Disney spirit into our Valentine’s celebration? We are looking to a few of my favorite Disney relationships for inspiration – Mickey & Minnie and Rapunzel & Flynn Rider! To me, both relationships share a sense of adventure and that’s how we are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. We decided to not share gifts but to dedicate the time off our phones and outdoors together!

Hitting the Trails

Since we live in South Carolina and the weather allows us to be outdoors most of the time, we try and take advantage when we can. One of things I am “gifting my husband” is his choice of outdoor hike! He loves to visit the State Parks and we’re trying to visit as many of them as we can. But, we’ll always use our Disney backpack cooler to keep nourished with some snacks!

Hitting the trails with a little Disney backpack is a great combo for both of us! And, as a fellow FashionEarsta you know I will be dressed in some Disney merch! But, I’ll probably leave my Minnie ears at home!

Hitting the Courts

This Valentine’s Day, we also plan to hit the courts together. As we are taking inspiration from our favorite Disney couples, we are on an adventure to learn a new sport together – Pickleball. yes, the craze that is drawing millions of fans has come to our house and we are LOVING it! It’s a great way to spend time outdoors and embracing something new with your partner.

But, a great way to incorporate a little Disney into the activity is with some new sneakers and baseball hats! They are the perfect attire to hit the courts. Something subtle is a great compromise for my husband whereas I try to show the world my love for Disney!

Adventures in the Kitchen

We wanted to finish our day of adventure and love with a little bit of kitchen time! We love to turn on some of our favorite tunes (which include Disney soundtracks) and cook up some favorites! Being from Chicago, my husband LOVES pizza. Ok. That is probably an understatement. One of our favorite places to visit in Epcot is Via Napoli for pizza! But when we can’t get there in person, we enjoy turning our own kitchen into a slice of Italy – Chicago style!

We got these great plates for Christmas, so we can enjoy our pizza with a little Disney love!

If you are looking for some more Disney kitchen inspiration, check out this recent article on the Homestead collection!

Decorate your Disney Kitchen with Disney Homestead and Beyond

Hopefully, this gives you a little inspiration on how to add a touch of Disney into an adventurous way to celebrate love and friendship with your partner this Valentine’s Day!

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Treat Yo’ Self: Stress-Free Valentines Day Indulgences for Yourself…Just Because

As someone who is happily single, I (the Fancy Floridian) love Valentine’s Day! It’s a day where I get to eat chocolate, watch romcoms, and not have to worry about planning the perfect date or booking a romantic dinner reservation! With everything else that’s been stressful about the past few years, I’ve decided that my personal theme for Valentine’s Day 2022 will be “single and stress-free!”

So here’s my itinerary for a stress-free Valentine’s Day Solo Celebration, complete with cozy outfits, easy meals, and a Disney+ marathon for the perfect night in!

What I’m Wearing

Ok, who scheduled Valentine’s Day on a Monday? Rude! At least having to go to work has one bright side: I can dress up in festive fashion! I mean, who doesn’t love a good theme to make the work day more magical? I love this t-shirt dress because you can dress it up with a cardigan or blazer for work, but also wear it to Disney World in the summer!

Of course, as soon as I get home I’m changing into the coziest, cutest loungewear I own! Good luck trying to get me out of the house again once I’m in comfy clothes! Plus I’ll still look adorable if I want to take a selfie of my stress-free celebration.

What’s the Snack Situation?

Ok, so Valentine’s Day is not a great evening to try and order takeout food, as tempting as it may be. That’s why I’m avoiding the stress of trying to order food and planning ahead to make my own snacks for my solo evening! My annual Valentines’s tradition is to make a big batch of eclairs and watch YouTube videos of Tim Gunn… I honestly don’t remember how that started but I LOVE having the freedom to mess up my baking and make ugly eclairs since it’s only me eating them!

This year I might add a few snacks to my schedule. I’m going for cute food that is practically foolproof since I don’t need to be stressing about making a fancy meal just for myself! I might try this tsum-tsum sushi because it’s too adorable for words. And cookie cutters and molds make it way easier to make any dessert look cute without making it more difficult. (Plus if my sushi is a disaster I can just stuff rice into the molds to make rice balls!)

What are we Watching?

You mean other than 2 hours worth of Tim Gunn videos? I’m thinking it’s time for a Disney+ Valentines Day marathon! There’s plenty of love stories to watch, but this year I think I’m going to keep to my theme of being happy and content with my relationships, whether they be with family or friends!

Single and Stress-Free on Disney+

These shows and movies features single ladies (and Gonzos) who are taking their fate into their own hands!

There’s my Valentines Day: Single and Stress-Free edition! Feel free to let me know if you’re low-key relaxing at home this year: you deserve it!

Galentines and Pal-entines Day Goodies that Celebrate Love & Friendship

Are you celebrating your friendships this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re taking a page from Leslie Knope’s playbook and having a “Galentine’s Day” brunch or just getting together with friends, we have a few ideas for gifts and goodies! Here’s a roundup of our best gift ideas for friends this Valentine’s Day:

Here’s another selection of Valentine’s Day handbags, if you want to splurge on your BFF this year!

Or maybe you have some tiny humans you want to celebrate this year? We have some suggestions for low-cost crowd pleasers for kids’ Valentine’s Day gifts:

Is there a fun pun-based name for Valentine’s Day with your male friends? Please let me know if there is! Anyways, we have ideas for platonic gifts for guy friends too!

So, FashionEarstas, we hope we covered all the bases for different Valentine’s Day plans that celebrate love & friendship this year! What are your plans for the holiday? Let us know here, on Instagram and Facebook (@fashionearsta) and our brand new YouTube channel! Be sure to follow us so that you’re always in the loop and can follow along with our adventures!

Pixie dust and glamour!

The Fancy Floridian and Belle of the Ball

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