Happy New Year!: Your FashionEarsta’s Say “Hello!” to 2021!

New Year’s Eve has always been a much-anticipated event, this year, more than ever! When we started the new version of the “Roaring 20’s”, we had no idea what we were in store for. However, it is time to start a new year full of amazing possibilities using the lessons we have learned from the past year as our guide!

Now let me tell ya, the Seven Seas Bees truly know how to throw down for NYE celebrations! We have had some really great times, once we set off fireworks at midnight, we have watched our Tangled Lanterns float through the sky with our wishes written on them, we have made homemade English Crackers, we have had a full-blown pajama party, a Mexican Fiesta, we have even made bathtub gin! (ok not really!) My absolute favorite NYE memory happened 2 years ago in my living room when my Best Friend of 30 + years got engaged at 12:01 am! I will always hold that moment dear to my heart! This past October, in the midst of all the chaos in the world, they quietly married, giving us a beautiful memory of 2020. All of us here at FashionEarsta have been so excited about what we have done this year! Bringing our love of Ears and everything Disney has been an incredible joy for all of us! We are thrilled to be part of this community and we cannot wait to see where we are this time next year! In the meantime, we would love to share our resolutions with you for 2021!

Our FashionEarsta’s have been hard at work on their New Years Resolutions!



Quirky, New and Exciting! That’s what EarstaDiva is looking for in the New Year!!

I want to commit to laughing, a lot and being better about getting places on time!

My Disney resolution is to actually get there and take my kids to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! AND I want to Disney Bound whilst I am there!

I want to search out new and exciting Ears from crafters that are just starting out!

I want to finally connect with Ashley, who is going to help me extend my cars warranty!

Ear Goddess

Our Ear Goddess delivers the most accessorized list of resolutions!

My Disney resolution is to go on my first Disney Cruise this year, complete with fabulous videos and fun to share with all of you. I can’t wait to see Mickey and Minnie in their fabulous outfits, go on the water slides, and enjoy the amazing themed restaurants on board!

I’ve donated a huge chunk of my wardrobe that I don’t wear and don’t love, and I am slowly building back with fewer, higher quality capsule wardrobe pieces – Kate Spade, I’m looking at you – that will last for years and years (preferably appropriate for Disney Bounding)!

I’m committed to helping women all over the world connect with one another, in order to foster community that has a global impact.

And… I am seriously considering declaring every Thursday “Talk Like a Disney Character Day” in our household.

Fancy Floridian

Our Fancy Floridian has some incredibly creative and stylish resolutions this year!

I am resolved to buy only vintage, thrifted or secondhand clothes for the entire year! (Accessories and Disney ears don’t count).

This year I’m going to make more meaningful connections with my Disney communities, especially my RunDisney family—most of whom I’ve never met in person—and vintage DisneyBounders. I’m hoping that we will be able to meet up at the parks at some point this year, but if that isn’t possible I’m going to find other ways to meaningfully connect!

I’m resolving to be better at complementing fantastic Disney ears when I see them and to grow my ability to introduce myself to strangers!

This is also the year that I refuse to use paper napkins. They’re the worst.

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest fireworks evenings of the year at Walt Disney World Resort, a place where fireworks are both spectacular and an every-night occurrence. Fireworks and nighttime shows will light up the skies and create a mood of celebration on Dec. 31, while revelry of other sorts takes place elsewhere throughout the Vacation Kingdom. (David Roark, photographer)

What are you doing this New Years Eve FashionEarsta’s!?  What fun resolutions do you have?  Do you have serious resolutions, fun resolutions, Travel Resolutions?  We would love to hear about them so make sure you comment below!  We wish you a safe and happy New Year and the best 2021 ever!

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