Valentines Gifts for Guys: FashionEarsta’s Gift Guide

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FashionEarsta’s guide to Valentines gifts for guys that aren’t just chocolates and roses

Valentines Day is a holiday with way too much gifting pressure on it! Want to go out for a romantic meal? COVID is making dinner reservations hard to find. Thinking about sending roses? Hope you pre-ordered a month ago! And what are good Valentines gifts for guys?

Don’t worry: FashionEarsta is here with our picks for stylish-but-Valentines-themed gifts for guys who love Disney (and even a few picks that will help him learn to love Disney)!

Here are our picks for the best gifts for guys:

Couples’ Luggage for Disney Trips

Nothing says “cutest couple” like matching luggage sets, and all of Tote&Carry’s stylish pieces are made to coordinate! Plus now that the Magical Express won’t deliver your bags directly to your room, you want to make sure you’re carrying something stylish through the halls of MCO!

Classic Gifts for the Sharp-Dressed Man

For the man who still goes into the office (or who just likes dressing dapper at home, I suppose), here are a few subtle gifts that will add Disney flair into his wardrobe!

A Good-Smelling Gift that Gives Back

For a Valentines gift with a little spice in it, why not give him a cologne or aftershave? To quote maybe my favorite review of Acqua Di Gio:

Guys if you want the girls to notice ya, this will do it. Girls if you want your guy to smell like you need to put a leash on him this will do it.


For the Guy who is Really Into The Book of Boba Fett

Is he a Star Wars aficionado? Whether he’s a fan of the original trilogy or the new Disney+ Star Wars shows, chances are that he’s a fan of (former) bounty hunter Boba Fett. These wearables and collectibles are sure to make him smile!

Valentines Gifts for Guys who Love Tunes

Maybe he’s not blasting a Disney Spotify playlist, but if he’s an audiophile he’ll definitely appreciate one of these unique bluetooth speakers. It’s on you to Disney-fy his taste in tunes!

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Cute Couples’ Couture

And finally, make your cute Valentines Day couples’ look easy for yourself and get him his outfit as a present. Then make it easy on him and get yourself the other half as a present “from him.” Ta-da!

Looking for a show-stopping present for a lady in your life? If she likes handbags she’ll love these Valentines-themed purses from Dooney & Bourke. Check out our roundup here:

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