Best Gifts for Kids: FashionEarsta’s Holiday Gift Guide

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FashionEarsta shares our guide to the best gifts for kids – from little imagineers to future fashion designers and everyone in between!

There is so. much. stuff out there for kids these days – you could scroll through any retailer’s children’s section for hours without seeing the same holiday gift twice. But here at FashionEarsta we pared that down to the best gifts for kids that are thoughtful, useful, and unique.

Here are our picks:

For the Athlete-in-Training

Does your kiddo need some encouragement to get up and move? Do you wish you could take their love of phone or console games and translate it into play? Here are a few tech items designed for kids to inspire them to get their wiggles out!

From a challenge-based fitness wearable (that also comes in Disney Princess varieties) to wristbands to convert their Nintendo Switch into a dancing/jumping/bowling machine, we recommend giving one of these a try!

For the Future Cruella

Help foster a passion for fashion and creative expression in your little artist! We love how Disney is using the popularity of their live action Cruella film to teach kids about both the design process (like in the Cruella’s Sketchbook guide) and about being daring and unique!

For the Kid who Listens to that One YouTube Video at Full Volume

You know what video I’m talking about. You still hear it in your nightmares after the one car ride where he listened to it 45 times in a row. This holiday season, give the gift of headphones (we picked out a few for different ages)!

For the Speedster

Some kids are just all “go, go, go!” No matter their age (or level of hand-eye coordination) they always appreciate the gift of speed!

For the Kid Who Already Needs a New Lunchbox

Let’s be honest; it was only a matter of time before someone spilled applesauce in there and left it sitting over the weekend. Might as well buy two of them now… lunchtime isn’t getting any less messy this year.

For the Best-Dressed Kid in School

Do you have a tiny FashionEarsta on your hands? Are they already keeping up with what the kids on the Disney Channel are wearing? Here are a few fun accessories to spruce up their school style!

For the Imagineer

And finally, for the kids who can spend hours creating (or destroying) make-believe worlds, here are a few of the best gifts for kids to give their active imaginations a new playground!

Looking for more toy ideas? We have an entire gift guide just for Amazon toys curated by FashionEarsta mom Belle of the Ball! Check it out here:

Have more people on your shopping list? We’d advise getting holiday gifts early to avoid shipping and supply chain interruptions! Check out our other gift guides, like this one for the teens in your life!

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