Main Street Style: Wakanda Forever

FashionEarsta highlights Black Panther’s Wakanda style fashion!

Shop the Look: Black Panther

Original Image by @fumitoronto

Marvel Studio’s 2018 Black Panther was a revolutionary milestone in the world of superheroes. The film made $13.5 billion dollars globally and was created by an African American director with a predominately African American cast. We’ve pulled two of our favorite looks inspired by the debut of the movie.

This first look, Black Panther, is reminiscent of the 1960s black power movement. Instagram influencer, @fumitortonto, mirrors the classic Black Panther outfit from the 60s. We paired a classic black monochrome outfit with retro sunnies and Gucci purse.

If designer brands are out of your price range, a simple leather shoulder bag will do the trick. You could even pair this look with that!

Shop the Look: Wakanda Warrior

Original Image by Original Source

For the second look, we found this African print inspired outfit. Drawn to the bold graphics and colors, we decided to find our own African-inspired statement pieces.

For our interpretation, we paired a bright peplum piece with matching ears and red pumps!

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