PROFILE IN STYLE: Simone Bouffard

FashionEarsta’s exclusive interview with a Disney fashion icon and professional dancer

We sat down with professional dancer and Disney fashion and style influencer, Simone Bouffard, to ask her a few questions about her love of bounding, ballet, and baseball. FashionEarsta loves it when we find role models who embrace their authentic style and aren’t afraid to show off their hobbies and talents. Gain some inspiration and learn a little more about this incredible FashionEarsta below!

Disney Style and Fashion

How would you describe your Disney style and fashion vibe?

My Disney Style is pretty versatile with a wide range — you’ll find me embracing whimsical princess style one day and sporty quirky comfort the next. Though my feed tends to showcase a lot of flowy dresses (they’re always the most fun to shoot) and t-shirts, I tend to gravitate to French classic or 90’s style off camera.

Tell us a little bit about where you find your inspiration for your personal Disney style. Ballet? Baseball?

It’s interesting you suggest that, since ballet and baseball pretty much describe the two sides of my personality. I usually just follow my impulses and grab whatever feels right that day. My inspiration usually comes from a specific piece itself, and then I’ll style around that — a favorite t-shirt, dress, handbag, or hat. However, the broad answer is that lately, I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from anime — I just adore shoujo style.

What has been your favorite Disney look or style?

Bounding is my favorite way to go to the parks because it’s like wearing a costume without wearing a costume. If we’re going to step into that world, why not dress the part for it?

What is your “I can’t live without it” piece?

My dad bought me a collection of sterling silver character charms on my first trip to Disneyland when I was three years old. I always try to find a way to incorporate them into my outfits, even if it’s just me who knows they’re there. Also, I need a quirky handbag. Always a quirky handbag.

Where do you shop for your favorite fashion items?

A lot of my favorite pieces I’ve had for years, and in addition to the obvious BoxLunch, Hot Topic, and Loungefly, I love supporting small shops.

Pin Collecting

A peek at Simone’s pin collection

We hear you collect pins. If you had to pick just one pin as a favorite, which one would it be? (a picture would be amazing here!)

Hands down, my 2019 Jumbo Disneyland Haunted Mansion pin with the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. Also, my Minnie Mouse pin from my first trip to the parks in 1990.

Where and how do you store/display your pins?

Every time I go to the parks, I go through a ritual of rotating new pins into the window of my pin bag — I love to display my collection whenever I go. At home, I have a lot of them displayed on canvas pin banners in my bedroom. I’d really like to get more of them onto boards and frame them, because right now, everything that isn’t displayed is in a bag in my closet. 

Is there a pin you haven’t landed yet that you’re hoping to have as a part of your collection?

There was a Kingdom Consoles collection that came out a few years ago — I really want the Aladdin pin from that collection. I’m sure there are others that I can’t think of off the top of my head right now, but when I see them… I know them.

Advice from our Guest FashionEarsta

What Disney fashion and style advice would you give other FashionEarstas?

It’s ok to not follow trends. It’s ok to outfit repeat. It’s ok to wear whatever you want — don’t censor your self expression.


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Photo: Simone Bouffard

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