Disney Accessories Store of the Month: Elle & Charming

This boutique has a variety of charming products, from ears to tees and even jewelry!

June is a month where we go outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, finally break out our summer t-shirts, plant summer gardens and celebrate pride! So it seemed appropriate that our featured Disney accessories store for June is Elle & Charming, a boutique that somehow manages to embody all of those activities!

This small shop has a variety of Disney-inspired accessories, from customizable floral ears to t-shirts, charms, earrings and face masks.

Price Range: $$

Number of products: 167 total pairs of ears, shirts, hoodies, tote bags, pillows, jewelry and other accessories

Turnaround time: Items ship within 5-7 days of ordering

What We Love 

We love how the shop releases a few high-quality products to match current trends, seasons or events! For instance, they are currently featuring pastel pride ears and a pair of ears made specifically to match the “Earidescent” WDW 50th Anniversary colors. Plus I’m always a sucker for a funny, unique Disney slogan on a t-shirt and this store has those aplenty!
I wonder if Dole Whip thinks about me too yellow t-shirt from Disney accessories store Elle & Charming
This Dole Whip T-shirt is unisex so you can match, or get the matching Mickey Waffles version!

Who Would Love This Shop
FashionEarstas who are looking for unique, trendy floral ears that don’t look DIY!

What Needs Work

I love that Elle & Charming also has a teepublic storefront where you can purchase their shirt designs on a bunch of other items of clothing and home decor! But it is a bit confusing to have to switch between two different stores on two different websites to see everything this great shop has to offer.

Why We Chose Them
I’m an impulse shopper, so when I see beautiful Disney photographs of accessories that are on-trend, I have no self-control! I also love that the store has such a quick turnaround time and free shipping.

How is the Shop to Use?

I love that you can discover this shop on multiple platforms, and that there’s a storefront built right into their Instagram profile! While each shop is quite easy to use individually, it can be hard to keep track of where all of their products are. I’d suggest starting with their linktree site, which seems like the only place where all their shops are listed together.

What Customer Service Can You Expect?

This Disney accessories store has a five-star rating on Etsy, and reviewers are raving about their items’ high quality and lightning-fast shipping speeds!

What People are Saying

From Etsy customers:   

These earrings are stunning and adorable. These are a must for Disney dog moms!!! Fast shipping and fantastic quality! Will definitely buy from this ship again!


Absolutely beautiful! The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the headband is very sturdy! Thank you for the fast shipping and personalized customer service!


I love these masks. They are well made and includes a pocket for a filter. They stay securely on my face. I have several of these masks, they are the only ones I have found that fit well and includes the pocket. I will continue to be a repeat customer and continue to recommend this shop.


The Fancy Floridian’s Favorite Items from Elle & Charming

I am so excited to grab a few items from this shop, especially if they put out more 50th Anniversary accessories – that’s an area where I haven’t seen that many items on the market yet!

Visit Elle & Charming Here

Please let me know what you think about Elle & Charming! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see some of these accessories in action! 

Pixie Dust and Glamour! 

The Fancy Floridian


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