Helping Those That Are Less Than Thrilled With The Holidays: Lots-O Ear Review

The holidays are upon us and within the hustle and bustle and merry making one very important fact of the holiday season can be lost.  The holidays can be hard for a number of people and they are hard for a number of different reasons. Even our beloved Disney characters usually have to go through some hardships in order to find their happily ever after.

Take Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear from Toy Story. He is a strawberry-smelling teddy bear who lives in a preschool and because of his severe abandonment issues, he is an evil menace! Now, that is a lot to unpack for an ear review, but his story brings up really good points that we may want to consider as we are Fa La La La-ing over the mountain and through the woods. I decided as I sat down to write this post I would channel this forever grumpy and strongly scented bear to discover what turned him evil and how we can avoid any events that might bring others sadness at this time of year. So on go my Lotso ears from Castle Pals, as I research how we can all help others during this time of year.

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Here are some tips on how to maintain the cheer of the season whilst supporting someone that may not be all that enthusiastic about the season:   

Include them, even if they say no. It is important for them to get out of the house. Maybe suggest something simple, like a drive around town to look at lights.  Have their favorite coffee or hot chocolate waiting for them when they get into the car. It is a simple touch but it will make them feel special.

Limit your expectations. Try to not put intentional expectations on them and really mean it. For example if you are planning on having them over for opening presents and they resist, give them the out, do not guilt them about their decision. Choose your words carefully and be kind, this is not an easy decision for them and they are trying to be healthy about their choices while not hurting your feelings.

Listen, really listen, and acknowledge their feelings. Make sure that they know you are there for them (but make sure that your set your own healthy boundaries.) and hear what they are saying. Sometimes people just need a listening ear and to feel validated with understanding. They aren’t necessarily looking for advice.

Change things up, don’t always do the same things in the same order. For example, if someone gets sad when it comes time to carve the turkey because it makes them miss a family member, maybe move the carving to the kitchen and have the person affected help set the table.

I think that it is important to remember they are not doing this on purpose and chances are the things that they do participate in are to make you happy.  This is such a joyous time of year and all we want is the spirit of the season to be merry and bright!  By doing a few little things to make someone that may be struggling feel better about themselves and the expectations (or lack of expectations) you could make their holiday a little better. Perhaps, it could change the way they look at the holiday season as a whole, and wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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What We Loved

Ear Shape/Size: 

Excellent. They are perfectly shaped.   

Unique Theme/Style: 

Excellent. A perfect set of ears for our Toy Story villain!

Turnaround Time: 

Excellent. These ears got to us in no time!


Excellent! This is a GREAT bow! and I adore the little hammer!

Materials: Gorgeous, high end materials!


Excellent. Nice, sturdy box and the ears were wrapped in a ziplock bag and tissue paper. 


Excellent. No wonky seams or extra glue! Look at these seams they are amazing!

Pricing: $

Who would love these? 

These ears would be perfect for those darling FashionEarsta’s that love everything Toy Story! Even though Lotso is a villain what a fun character to DisneyBound!

What Needs Work


Good. The headband being wrapped in satin looks beautiful. The only downfall is that it tends to slip off your head and doesn’t stay secure.


Good. These Ears are not heavy which is nice. The one negative I have is that they are heavily scented. Perhaps, a little less strawberry scented smell could be used on these.

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears? 

For our East Coast FashionEarsta’s, Toy Story Land or Toy Story Mania would be perfect! For our West Coast FashionEarsta’s, Pixar is the place to be seen in these!

Pixar Pier
Credit: Disney Parks

Overall Score: (4.5/5.0)

Wishing my beautiful FashionEarstas, a beautiful Holiday season full of all the wonderful people and traditions that you love. What are you most excited about this year? What will be different and how are you making those times special?

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I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review, the Lotso Ears and the Castle Pals Shop, or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see these ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  



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