Walking the Tightrope for Eternity: Tightrope Walker Ear Review

One of the most incredible features of Imagineering at Disneyland and Walt Disney World is the stretching room at the Haunted Mansion.  The stretching room submerges guests into the world of happy haunts and sets the stage for a fun and amazing experience.  The portraits in the stretching room have always fascinated me and have been the topic of curious conversation within my family for decades.  The one that always catches my eye is the Tightrope Walker. Who is she and how did she find herself in such a precarious situation that lead to her ultimate demise?  This FashionEarsta put on her detective ears and went to find out the story behind the Tightrope Walker! 

Of course, as with all mysteries, this one has many twists and turns. The first challenge is identifying this woman! She goes by several names, among them are; Sally Slater, Daisy de la Cruz, Lillian O’Malley, Ally Gal (Get it!?) and Sarah “Sally” Slater. So, who is she really? 

Of course, as with all mysteries, this one has many twists and turns. The first challenge is identifying this woman! She goes by several names, among them are, Sally Slater, Daisy de la Cruz, Lillian O’Malley, Ally Gal (Get it!?) and Sarah “Sally” Slater. So, who is she really? 

The name Sally Slater was first introduced when Walt Disney World created the interactive queue at the Haunted Mansion in 2011. Her name appeared in a poem by Prudence Pock in the interactive que. She is also mentioned as Sally Slater in the interactive Ghost Post. Sally is known to be the Membership Committee Chair-ghost of the Committee of Wandering Ghosts. She has also been known to have, frequent conversations with her friend, the OrganistHerr Victor Geist.  

Daisy de la Cruz appeared in Haunted mansion comics as a villain of all things. This is also the name she will respond to if you happen to see her walking aimlessly around the haunted mansion. This is a very rare occurrence usually seen at Disney Land. However, with the recent Disney Shops release of Tightrope Walker ears, I am thinking we may see more of Daisy! 

So how did our Tightrope Walker friend up in this situation with the fraying rope and the alligator?  Well there are several stories.  My favorite is from the unofficial Ghost Gallery storyline, where it states that she was the Ghost Host‘s first wife, Lillian O’Malley and that the alligator was summoned by Madame Leota, who was jealous of her relationship with the Host.  

The other storyline goes along with Daisy de la Cruz.  Apparently, this turns the tables and calls Daisy a sorceress that turns her ex-lovers into alligators. In other words, the alligator is the victim!  Interesting thought, isn’t it? 

A fun fact for all you fact loving FashionEarstas out there!  The paintings in the stretching room are replaced every few years because they wear out.  Another little tidbit of information is that up until 2005 they were all hand painted! 

As soon as I saw these amazing ears for sale at www.shopdisney.com, I had to have them.  I love the obscurity of the character (which can be a rarity for Disney), and the ears themselves are just so beautiful and fun!  

Perhaps we are to look at the story of the Tightrope Walker as a mystery that will never be solved. What we do know about her is intriguing, thereby proving that Disney Magic is everywhere, including the afterlife!  Happy Haunts, FashionEarstas!  


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Tightrope Walker ears here

What We Loved

Ear Shape/Size: 

Excellent. Ear shape is fantastic, size is within the proper measurements.   

Unique Theme/Style: 

Excellent. These scream Tightrope walker! Even down to the lovely parasol on the headband!


Excellent. Because of the velvet on the headband these definitely stay put! 

Pricing: $$  


Good. The bow can get a little rumpled depending on how you put on your ears.  


Excellent. Beautiful materials were used. I loved the velvet and satin together.


Good.  Sturdy box, one piece of tissue paper.  Nothing exciting. I understand that there is a massive amount of goods sold by the Disney Company, however, I think that they really could take some cues from some of the shops that we have reviewed. In my humble opinion, the packaging should be as magical as the item that has been purchased.   

Turnaround Time: 

Excellent. These took about a week.

Pricing: $$

Who would love these? 

Obsessed with the Haunted Mansion? These are for you!  These ears are also great for anyone who enjoys those unsung Disney Characters. 

What Needs Work


Fair. The stitching and gluing is a little disappointing.  The stitches in these ears were crooked too which made me sad. 


Fair. The headband is lovely, it is covered in velvet has a nice thick band, the ears do not budge.  However, it is not quite even on the ends.

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears? 

You wouldn’t be caught dead without these fabulous ears visiting your favorite happy haunts at the Haunted Mansion.  These would also be a great addition to the Halloween Celebrations at Disney! Here are a few Tightrope Walker Bounding ideas for your next trip!  

Photo: Disney Parks

Overall Score: (4.7/5)

These ears are really fun and a great conversation starter! They are very subtle and made with material that you would think the Tightrope Walker would be wearing. Satin, velvet and tulle, just perfect. My favorite part is the embroidered parasol on the headband. Again, very subtle but very meaningful.

Get yourself a pair of
Tightrope Walker ears here!

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review, the Tightrope Walker earsShopDisney, or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see these ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  



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