Pixie Dust & Gratitude: Thankful FashionEarstas

It’s officially November, and in the United States, it’s the month for giving thanks. My social media feed is inundated with Gratitude Challenges and posts about the changing of the seasons, smaller and simpler holiday celebrations this year, and a spirit of coming together with family in new ways.

We realize you may know all of us at FashionEarsta a little bit from our fun-loving reviews and social media appearances, but we figured this was a good opportunity to share a little about ourselves… or at least what WE are each thankful for this season.

EarGoddess aka Sarah (also responds to “Fairy G”)

Our “Fusion Family”, as my boys call it

This month, I am grateful for so many things.

I am thankful for my ridiculously fashionable friends and colleagues, who inspire me to be bold with my style choices, design new footwear, cull my overstuffed closet, and invest in a wardrobe that makes me feel glamorous.

Smokey Robinson

Tomorrow, November 8th, I will be celebrating being cancer-free for one year (after a 2nd battle with breast cancer). On the 17th, it will be my two year wedding anniversary, and though we’ll be celebrating with a happy little staycation due to Covid, my husband is an enormous blessing and the very best of sweethearts and supportive life partners. I don’t mind snuggling up by the fireplace with mugs of hot chocolate!

Last and definitely not least, I am grateful for my five beautiful children (our “Fusion Family” is pictured above) as well as my magical super-powered cat, Smokey Robinson.


EarstaDiva aka Regina (also responds to “Gigi”)

From the mama of our notorious “Seven Seas Bees”, here is a little gratitude with attitude from EarstaDiva!

“I am thankful for the joy and wonder my kids bring to my life. I am thankful for the guidance, unrelenting support and silliness of my beautiful friendships. I am thankful for the crazy loving menagerie we have created. I am thankful for the unconditional love and happiness that my husband shows me. I am thankful for the laughter that rings through my life, every day.”


The Fancy Floridian aka Jackie

And from our amazing runner, Disneybounder, and WDW regular, the Fancy Floridian:

“I’m thankful for the magic of new friendships. For the gift of running into someone whose level of silliness matches yours and asking: ‘did we just become best friends?’ I’m thankful for all the people who started this year as strangers and ended this year as more!”


We want to hear what you’re grateful for! Drop us a note on social media or comment below. Show us your families, your pets, your ears… whatever it is you are most thankful for this year. Be sure to follow us on our FacebookPinterest, or Instagram pages so that you can share in everyone’s positivity and magic!

Pixie dust and GRATITUDE!



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