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Up to My Ears Design has had a presence on Etsy since 2018 and has had just 16 sales, but you need to see these ears! Based out of York, Pennsylvania, they have a very small collection of brilliant ear designs that range from $30-35.

Amy, the shop owner, says:

“I am a Disney Nerd. I love visiting Walt Disney World, watching Disney Movies, and singing along loudly to Disney songs.”

Turn around time is about one week from ordering to receiving the ears in your mailbox. The store has 7 reviews and 44 admirers.

Price Range: $$

Number of products: 18

Turnaround time: 7 days from time of order to doorstep

What We Love 

Incredible attention to detail
High quality construction
Gorgeous use of wire
Incredible floral designs

Who Would Love This Shop

If you are into shopping to support small business, this is the shop for you! I think this is the perfect place to request a custom pair of ears as a holiday gift!

What Needs Work

More unique character/festival/seasonal designs, pretty please! I love your ideas and want to see more!
Pictures are fun but hard to see, and some are slightly out of focus. Would love it if the backgrounds were less busy so we could really see the magic of these ears.

Why We Chose Them 

This shop popped up in my search for a pair of Pandora ears (see below), and they quickly took my breath away. Not only did they have incredible design, but the were wired with green fairy lights AND the flowers glowed in the dark! Such creative thought went into the design, and I feel confident that every pair has the same love put into them.

How is the Shop to Use?

Because this is such a small shop, it is super easy to use and navigate: you can see all their products on the home screen! There is really no navigation or menu present. Everything is simply under the general “All” category.

What Customer Service Can You Expect?

With only a handful of reviews and no rating on Etsy yet, I am hoping you’ll take my experience as a vote of confidence for Up to My Ears. I poked around a bit and found that the prior sales all appear to be unique ears (only one repeat style). Custom ear design is an option, and this artist really seems to put her heart into each character and making the ears reflect the theme in a super unique way.

What People are Saying on Etsy

Here are a few helpful Ear reviews:


“These ears were so well made, unique, and beautiful. Beyond my expectations! I can’t wait to wear them!”

“What girl any age wouldn’t feel like a princess wearing these Cinderella ears. They are magical!

Amy helped me capture beautifully four different pairs of of Mickey themed ears that I gave as gifts for Christmas. My family and I are going to Disney in a few months and these ears will be our best accessory. They are light weight and I love that the headband is wrap which will provide comfort when wearing.

If you are in need of a special gift for a Disney loving person, do not hesitate or look any further. Amy’s attention to detail, creativity, and quality of work is fabulous. Amy is timely in her responses and easy to communicate with.” 

“This Etsy shop is great! There was great communication with the shop owner. She responded very quickly to my emails. The Maleficent ears were more than I expected, they were lighted! She also made some Minnie ears for me. The delivery was very fast on both items. Amy goes above and beyond for her customers!”

EarGoddess’s Favorite Ears from Up to My Ears

FashionEarsta Reviewed Ears

Packaging & Shipping

These ears arrived in a sturdy box and were well-wrapped in tissue. There was an absolutely lovely handwritten card tied around the package with twine… a continuation of the theme into the packaging, which I LOVE!!!

OVERALL SCORE:  (4.5/5.0)

Like my shop review last week, Up to My Ears Design keeps with the small shop profile. But despite being small, Amy has created ear designs that are so fun in their use of wire and flowers and really capture characters and ideas in brilliant ways. I’d love to see a few more quality pictures of people wearing ears so we can see the ears more clearly, but my Pandora ears are one of my most treasured pairs. Also, this FashionEarsta is already thinking Christmas gifts… and Up to My Ears may just be hearing from me!

Visit Up to My Ears here!

I hope that you found this review helpful! We’d love to hear what you think of Up to My Ears Design, their ears, and this review in the comments. Make sure you check us out on PinterestFacebook and Instagram, and chances are, you will see these ears in action!

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