Enchanted Alexandra: An Explosion of Sparkly Ears


Enchanted Alexandra on Etsy was founded in 2016 and has had 13,218 sales at the time of this review. Based out of Los Angeles, California, they offer a huge collection of over 355 products, including stuffed ears, wire ears, 3-D printed ears, ear baseball caps, and even build-your-own!  

Not a lot is known about shop owner Alexandra, but she does a great job of using high quality products and coming up with creative new ways to theme her ears.  

Price Range: Ranges from $ to $$$, depending on type of product

Number of products: 355

Turnaround time: Took a full six weeks to receive these ears. 

What We Love 

Incredibly high quality materials
Unique themes (and LOTS of options)
Celebrations, including wedding ears/veils, Halloween, Valentine’s, and Christmas
Lots of different price points and options
Store is indexed well, with great menus

Who Would Love This Shop

If you are into sparkles, this shop has a TON of sequin ears just for you! I love that Alexandra creates sparkly ears even for characters that aren’t typically portrayed that way.

What Needs Work

Slow turnaround time
Wearability wasn’t tested – I couldn’t wear the ears I ordered without modifying the center of them (nor could my fellow Fashionearstas)
Customer service communication is slow

Why We Chose Them 

We chose Enchanted Alexandra because the ears are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It was so hard to choose which pair to order!

How is the Shop to Use?

The store has a great menu, with categories including Designer, Mouse Ears Under $25, Fur Ears, Bridal Ears, Basic Sequin Ears, Deluxe Characters Ears… the list goes on! In addition, Enchanted Alexandra features face masks, tshirts, and scrunchies. The number of photos of products varies a lot, with very few items showing the back or people actually wearing the ears. The photography does capture the ears, and what you see is what you get in the mail.  

What Customer Service Can You Expect?

With a five-star rating on Etsy, I was hoping for exceptional customer service. However, we had to go the extra mile to find out where our ears were, and even then, the response took a while to get and the ears arrived even later than promised the second time. I’m hoping this was a fluke due to being busy or dealing with the pandemic. 

What People are Saying on Etsy

Most of the 2,607 reviews from Etsy customers are positive and relate to quality, shipping, and customer service,. Here are a few helpful Ear reviews:


“Ahsoka is one of my top favorite characters, so finding ears that represented her and also looked really cute wasn’t easy! It wasn’t until i saw these that i was convinced in buying cause they did her justice! These are now my favorite ears in my collection! Also Alexandra’s communication was great! She went above and beyond to customize mine just the way I wanted, with no hesitation. I feel like i have a pair of unique ears that fit the likeness of the character perfectly! You can tell she put in a lot of work and research into these! I am extremely happy and will be buying again”

“So excited that my ears arrived today and they are absolutely gorgeous! The color is perfect and they are going to add the Perfect touch of magic. Thank you so much!” 

“Very sturdy , and well made absolutely love them , great customer service and kept me updated about my orders status! Will buy from this shop again.

EarGoddess’s Favorite Ears from Enchanted Alexandra

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Packaging & Shipping

These ears arrived in a soft packing envelope, but they were protected inside by a lovely piece of pink foam. Ears were in great shape.

OVERALL SCORE:  (4.0/5.0)

Enchanted Alexandra is full of fun ears and playful accessories to discover. I love her ideas and designs, and all the sparkles make my princess-loving heart happy! We hope that any delays or difficult with customer service is due to COVID and will get better over time.

Visit Enchanted Alexandra here!

I hope that you found this review helpful! We’d love to hear what you think of Enchanted Alexandra, their ears, and this review in the comments. Make sure you check us out on PinterestFacebook and Instagram, and chances are, you will see these ears in action!

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