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Ears From Wonderland on Etsy was founded in 2018 and has had 1,156 sales at the time of this review. Based out of Washington, they offer a stellar collection of ears that include Classic Characters, Holiday, Star Wars, Harry Potter and More. All of their designs are unique and fresh. They are favorited by 494 people on Etsy and have a good variety of 323 + products.

Shop owner, Karrie, says, “I’m a stay at home mom that loves to create!” Their packaging was incredible, taking their branding and adding it to the ears for a delightful touch.  The handwritten thank you note as well as the extra information was absolutely wonderful!  Getting these ears was just as fun as ordering them! 

Price Range: $

Number of products: 323

Turnaround time: about 2 weeks  

What We Love 

Amazing packaging

Who Would Love This Shop

FashionEarstas that are looking for quality and fun inspired ears with a special magical twist on packaging. This shop is also great for anyone wanting to gift Disney ears to someone else.

What Needs Work

Missing photos of people wearing ears

Why We Chose Them 

We chose Ears From Wonderland because they were referred to us by a true FashionEarsta!  When we looked a little closer we were tickled pink at their selection and by their reviews!

How is the Shop to Use?

There are categories in the menu, which makes ears easy to find. There are at least six photos of most products, however, there are very few photos of people actually wearing the ears. This shop has fabulous designs and their ears are just beautiful, so we’d love photos of people wearing them!

What Customer Service Can You Expect?

With a five-star rating on Etsy, this shop gets extra points for being flexible with their customers and accommodating special requests. 

What People are Saying on Etsy


 This is the ONLY seller I buy my Disney ears from on Etsy-the uniqueness cannot be beat! I requested a different bow color (red instead of rainbow) and they were more than happy to accommodate my request!” 

 These are such cute ears that I can’t wait to wear to DisneyLand (once it opens again)! I had a mistake on my shipping address, and the shop owner was quick to respond and very helpful. It made me so happy to get these in the mail!” 

 Excellent customer service and communication, and the quality is top notch! I’m definitely planning on buying more from this shop! 

EarstaDiva’s Favorite Ears from Ears from Wonderland

FashionEarsta Reviewed Ears

Packaging & Shipping

A special note about their packaging. Your Ear adventure begins the moment you open your box.  Their packaging is adorable, and they pay close attention to the little details and personal touches. The amazing attention to detail in their packaging really makes this shop stand out from the rest. Shipping was average timing. 


Ears from Wonderland truly is a magical shop!  Even though there is very little known about shop owner Karrie, it is easy to see that she has really taken a lot of time to organize her store beautifully. The best thing about her store is that she really pays attention to the little details and she is able to create a magical experience for her customers.  From the moment I received my ears everything felt special and that is exactly what you want when you order a pair of ears!   

Visit Ears from Wonderland here!

I hope that you found this review helpful! We’d love to hear what you think of Ears from Wonderland their ears, and this review in the comments. Make sure you check us out on PinterestFacebook and Instagram, and chances are, you will see these ears in action!

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