Stitch Crashes Disney: Pocahontas Magic Band has been Released!

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FashionEarsta spotted some of the much-delayed Stitch Crashes Disney: Pocahontas collection on shopDisney today!

Have you been collecting the Stitch Crashes Disney collectibles? If so, you’ve probably been frustrated for a while now! Originally this was a monthly release, with new Stitch magic bands, plushies, and more released on a regular basis. Then in October the Stitch Crashes Disney: Pocahontas release date just… came and went with no merch. And finally on the shopDisney website they changed the expected release dates to “Early 2022.”

So we readjusted our expectations for the last three releases of this collection (we know that supply chain issues have been a big problem for Disney and everyone else)! But lo and behold, this morning the Stitch Crashes Disney: Pocahontas Magic Band dropped on shopDisney. I got excited and checked for the rest of this collection, but it looks like shopDisney just decided to quietly release only one item from the collection with no warning, two months late!

Stitch Crashes Disney: Pocahontas

If you’re a Magic Band collector, you can snag this Limited Release band now!

Stitch Crashes Disney MagicBand 2 – Pocahontas – Limited Release

And as a reminder, here’s the rest of the collection that will probably be released in Early 2022 (but which we now know could drop at any time)!

How cute is experiment 626 in Pocahontas’ necklace and John Smith’s helmet? We love that he is covered in a print reminiscent of “Colors of the Wind” and just want to squeeze this plush… if they ever get released!

More Stitch on shopDisney Now

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So, what do you think? Are you saying “mine, mine, mine!” about this limited edition Stitch Crashes Disney series?

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Pixie dust and glamour!

The Fancy Floridian Purple Minnie Mouse emoji with sunglasses

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