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Soarin Over Main Street  on Etsy was founded in 2016  and has  2872  sales at the time of this review. Based out of  California, they offer a  fantastic  collection of ears that are a bit unexpected!

Their designs are gorgeous, yet what really caught our eye was their attention to  often-overlooked  characters such as Bolt, Indiana Jones, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and EarstaDiva’s personal favorite: Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother! They also feature abstract patterns and prints that are not necessarily Disney (think: cotton candy). Yum!

EarstaDiva and the Fancy Floridian both loved this shop so much that they couldn’t decide who got to review it, so they decided to tag-team it!

Price Range: $-$$

Number of products: 104 ear headbands and Disney-inspired knotbands 

Turnaround time: Our order arrived in nine days, despite the shop’s statement that processing time is two weeks.

What We Love 

EarstaDiva: I loved that they feature unusual characters.
Fancy Floridian: I can’t get over the simple but luxe textures of these ears. I’m a sucker for velvet, faux fur, satin and other fabrics that you don’t usually see on ears! 

Who Would Love This Shop

This shop has something to appeal to everyone in a family or friend squad: a wide variety of character-inspired ears for those who love the classics, as well as trendy textiles for those who want to stand out in photos! Fans of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party will also be delighted by the assortment of cozy Christmas sweater themed ears. 

What Needs Work

EarstaDiva: The shop doesn’t show many pictures of people wearing ears.
Fancy Floridian: These ears are BIG, which is great for stand-out pictures and being able to find your friends or kids in the parks. But their size also makes them a bit wobbly.

Why We Chose Them 

EarstaDiva: I chose this shop because of their great selection, their fun character choices and the reviews that other customers left for them.  

Fancy Floridian: I bought a pair of their ears because I saw a really cute photo of them on Instagram late at night when I have poor impulse control. Gets me every time!

How is the Shop to Use?

The categories in the Etsy sidebar break this shop’s offerings down by materials, characters, holidays, headbands and what is on sale. This really helps with navigating the number of ears that the shop has posted. There are a few pictures per ear, but not a whole lot of shots of the ears in action.  The solid yellow and pink backgrounds that her ears are displayed on really makes the ears POP, adding a fun and whimsical feel to the shop. 


What Customer Service Can You Expect?

With a five-star rating on Etsy, this shop provides excellent communication with their customers.   

What People are Saying

From Etsy customers:   

 Been looking for the perfect pair of ears that were inspired by my favorite movie and these were it! Love the detailing and the quality is sturdy!”  

 Looks just like it did in the picture, very cute.”  

 Love them! They fit well and are as pictured! The seller kept in contact with me regarding the shipping date and was prompt in order processing and shipping.  

EarstaDiva’s Favorite Ears from ShopDisney

Fancy Floridian’s Favorite Ears from ShopDisney

FashionEarsta Reviewed Ears

Packaging & Shipping

Our ears arrived in a perfectly-ear-sized mailing box and were wrapped in gorgeous purple tissue paper. There was no additional padding, but because these ears don’t have feathers or other delicate attachments, it wasn’t needed. 

OVERALL SCORE:  (5.0/5.0)

EarstaDiva: I love the set-up of this shop and the colors that they have chosen to use.  Fancy Floridian has her ears, but I think this FashionEarsta needs a pair or 2 of her own!  

Fancy Floridian: You can borrow my ears any time, except for all the times that I’m taking pictures in them (;D) because these summery velvet ears are going to look super cute against the bright blue Florida skies! 

Visit Soarin Over Main Street Here!

I hope that you found this review helpful! Please let me know what you think about Soarin Over Main Street! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, chances are you will see these ears in action! 

Pixie Dust and Glamour! 

EarstaDiva and The Fancy Floridian


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