A Different Kind of Back-to-School for Roo

In the early morning sunshine, while all was still asleep, Kanga stepped outside of her home and took in the beautiful landscape of the 100-Acre Wood.  The first day of school was coming up fast and she knew that Roo would be excited to go to school and see his friends that he had been missing terribly over the past few months.  Summer really had not felt like summer without Roo bounding out the door and Kanga having to run after him with shoes, or a shirt!  Instead, their summer had been much quieter filled with games and long walks.  They were able to have weekly picnics with friends, but those friends had to stay a good distance away.  For Kanga, it had been a wonderful summer, she liked the quiet, but for Roo, it had been a bit hard at times.   

Today Kanga had to explain to Roo that his school was going to look very different than in years past.  Mr. Owl had determined that they would attend school outside separated by large logs until the winter winds came. Once winter came, Mr. Owl would go from Tree to Tree to instruct each of his students.  Kanga knew Roo would be sad not to be able to run and play with his friends but this was what was best to keep everyone as healthy as possible. Kanga, shuddered thinking about what would happen if little Roo became ill, or if she herself were to become sick, who would take care of Roo? She shook her head, erasing such terrible thoughts away. Everyone in the 100-Acre Wood was coming together to make sure they all stayed safe from the terrible sickness that Christopher Robin had told them about many months ago.  

Christopher Robin telling the news

Kanga walked back into the house and laid out the new masks she had made for Roo, along with some of the other things that he would need at school. Roo came bounding out of his room, tearing through the tree at lightning speed!  

“School starts soon!  WooooWhoooo!” He exclaimed while running through the kitchen, toppling over a chair and landing right on his head. 

“Roo!” Kanga exclaimed rushing over to help. 

“I am fine Mama!  Just really! Really! Really! excited about school and my friends and Mr. Owl! It is going to be AWESOME!!” 

“Roo, lets get you some breakfast then you and I are going to have a little chat dear.” 

Roo ate his breakfast quickly, and once everything was cleaned up, Kanga sat down and explained to Roo that this school year was not going to be like other years. In order to keep the 100-Acre Wood safe they would have to be careful and make sure they protected each other just like they had been doing for the last few months. 

Roo was very quiet as he thought about all of the things his Mama had just told him. Classes outside were fun but not being able to run and play with his friends was no so fun.  Having to wear a mask all the time, that didn’t sound like much fun either.  Yet, being able to talk with his friends and even though they couldn’t do what they knew as normal, it would still be an adventure, right? 

Roo looked up at Kanga and was suddenly very worried. He leaped up and ran toward the kitchen. He started pulling out bowls and spoons, flour and oats, chocolate chips, everything he could find!   

“Roo! What in the world are you doing!?” 

Mr. Owl and Roo  

“Mr. Owl is going to need some energy if he is going to come to all our houses and teach us once the winter winds come.  We need to make him some energy balls Mama!  Like we made for Tigger when he went on his last adventure!” 

Kanga smiled, she was so proud of Roo.  This school year may not look like anything we have ever seen before, and there may be some bumps in the road.  Kanga and Roo knew, that as long as they kept kindness and understanding in their hearts, together, they could get through anything. 

Kanga, lovin’ on Roo

To make your own Energy Balls check out the recipe that Kanga and Roo used: https://www.theworktop.com/breakfast-brunch-recipes/oatmeal-energy-balls/

Kanga smiled, she was so proud of Roo.  He was attacking this school year as uncertain as it was, with the same energy that he did with everything.  Children were incredible, Kanga mused, they were able to see the positive when adults lose themselves in the worry, there is so much we could learn from them.  While Roo was a flurry in the kitchen, Kanga set out Roo’s new masks PIC of Mask and his favorite backpack next to the front door.  PIC of Backpack

Yes, this school year may not look like anything theyhad ever seen before. Kanga was sure, that as long as they approached each challenge with love and hope in their hearts, together, they could get through anything.

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