PROFILE IN STYLE: Fandom Fashion with Bajan Princess Brittany

FashionEarsta talks fun fandom fashion with this sparkling Disney influencer!

For this Profile in Style, we chatted with Disney FashionEarsta Brittany (@bajanprincessbrittany on Instagram and TikTok) to ask her a few questions about her amazing Marvel-inspired looks, prop-making skills, and fandom fashion!

Disney Style and Fashion

How would you describe your Disney style and fashion vibe?

Colorful, fun, and EXTRA! My favorite Disneybounds and Disney style looks are those that really push the envelope. Since I do my bounds at home in Houston, I’m able to wear crazier outfits (like sequin jumpsuits) that people wouldn’t usually want to wear to the parks. Primarily my inspiration comes from the characters themselves. When I put my outfits together I always ask myself whether the look does a character justice or not. If the outfit doesn’t have that character’s essence, I go back to the drawing board. 

If you could get coffee with any Marvel character (dead or alive) who would you choose? More importantly, what would you wear?

This is such a hard question! What context is this coffee? If it is a coffee date, M’Baku from Black Panther! And I’d wear my Jabari bound that I did in June because I’d want him to see me in his element and wife me right away! 😝 If it is a networking type of coffee, I’d love to chat with Tony Stark just because he’s so interesting and knows how to run a successful business. And for that I’d probably have to dress kind of sexy too because we all know Tony was a player…sorry Pepper! 😅

Anyone would be silly not to be impressed by Brittany’s Killmonger-inspired fandom fashion!

You can only keep one: Avengers Campus or Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Which would you pick?

Sorry, Star Wars but I have to say Avengers Campus! I haven’t visited the Campus yet but from what I can tell it was executed way better than Galaxy’s Edge. I love the fact that any character can appear there since it isn’t on a specific timeline, and the food just looks so delicious! Plus that stuntronic Spider-Man blows my mind! They really seem to have done a great job replicating the Marvel Cinematic Universe vibe (with the live shows and decor that you can actually find in the movies) and I think they really missed that mark with Galaxy’s Edge. 

What has been your favorite Disney look or DisneyBound?

It’s hard to pick just one, so I’ll say my top three: Sorcerer Mickey, Powerline, and Jessica Rabbit. 

What is your “I can’t live without it” piece?

My Buckledown Products Gold Signature D cinch belt! It instantly Disneyfies any outfit and I just love how it pulls so many of my looks together and snatches my waist a little bit. I’ve gotten several other varieties of Buckledown belts but the original gold one is a staple. 

We love this versatile Buckledown belt! “D” can stand for Disney and Donald Duck!

You make the cutest props for your photos! Have you always had that talent? Do you do other Disney art or DIY projects?

Thank you! I’m not an artist by any means but my prop making came from being bored (and kind of broke) during quarantine. I kept thinking that my Disneybounds needed these expensive accessories (like Loungefly or Danielle Nicole bags) to make them complete, but it makes no sense to go out and buy a new backpack or crossbody to go with every single outfit. Painting these props gave me something fun to do with all of the extra time on my hands and I love posing with them! Sadly I don’t do any other Disney DIY’s but I would love to learn how to sew and make my own clothing for bounds. Maybe one day! 

Do you have any favorite small shops where you find Disney pieces?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bella Notte Magic (@bellanottemagic) and I absolutely love their jewelry! Lucy makes such adorable pieces and always has great seasonal collections. The Christmas collection is not one to miss! 

If you could collaborate with one brand or designer on a clothing or accessories collection, who would it be?

Lilly Pulitzer! I just love their bright colors and beautiful prints! It’s one of my all time favorite brands and I’d love to work with them now especially since they have been trying to extend their sizing to accommodate more plus sized people. They can certainly do more but I would really enjoy conceptualizing a collection with them that would look fabulous on every body! 

What have you been watching lately [shows, movies, vlogs, etc.] that has made you want to put together a look?

These days the Marvel shows on Disney+ have been super inspiring! I did all of the major Wandavision looks during the March Disneybound Challenge, and I have some Loki looks brewing that I hope to post soon. 

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Advice from our Guest FashionEarsta

What Disney fashion and style advice would you give other FashionEarstas?

Use what you have! A lot of my favorite looks straight up came from pieces that I found buried in the back of my closet (or my mom’s closet). Don’t feel like you have to invest in new clothes all the time. There’s nothing wrong with mixing, matching, and outfit repeating. 

Who are some of your favorite Disney fashion friends?

Gosh there are so many so I’ll limit myself to 10! 












Where can FashionEarstas follow you to get regular inspiration from your social media profiles?

IG: @bajanprincessbrittany and TikTok @bajanprincessbrittany (TikTok is still a work in progress for me but I hope to have some content there soon! ).

Also check out my hashtag #PropPrincessBrittany to see all of my looks with cardboard props in one place! 

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