DIY Ear Hangers

I am a girl who knows and loves my ears, so it is with the deepest shame, dear FashionEarstas, that I give you a little glimpse into my old ear storage system… are you sitting down?

That’s right: I spent five hours navigating Shop Disney’s crashing website to score these limited release Mad Tea Party Ears and I was keeping them in a trash bag that I sometimes tied directly to my closet rod. Keeping it classy.

I’ve drooled over some very cute and inventive wall-mounted ear displays, like this one from @disney_at_home.

A cute solution for those with a ton of wall space and no bulky bows on their ears

But I have two curious kittens and limited wall space, so I needed a closet-based solution, pronto. While perusing Etsy (definitely not for more ears, why would you even ask that?) I saw some adorable ear hangers and decided to try my hand at a DIY version.


  • 7/8 inch ribbon of the Disney variety or otherwise.
  • [Optional] Disney buttons to hide my terribly uneven stitches. Your favorite Disney pins would also be super cute here!
  • Sew-on snaps (large).
  • Needle and color-matched thread. If you’re not a sewer, you should be able to accomplish this (probably much faster) with a hot glue gun! I think I’ll try that for my next round.
  • Ruler or measuring tape.

The buttons were the only things that I had to buy for this project, and they were buy-3-get-3-free at Jo Ann’s Fabric! So, if you’re already a crafter, this is a $2.50 project!

Step One: Measure your closet height.

How much room is there between your closet rod or other hanging surface and the ground? Subtract at least 10 inches from that measurement (so that your bottom pair of ears isn’t on the ground) and then measure and cut a ribbon of that length as your base.

Step Two: Create your top loop

Fold approximately the top three inches of your ribbon over, shiny-side-out, and sew it down to create a loop large enough to hang on a Command hook or hanging apparatus of your choosing. I had some purse-hanging hooks already in my closet, which work fabulously.

Step Three: Place your first ear-hanging loop

Measure and mark five inches from the bottom of the loop you just created for the placement of your next loop. Then measure and cut another four inches of ribbon for that loop. I ended up needing to cut a total of four loops for the height of my closet, but if you wanted to layer your ears over each other you could add as many loops as you can sew onto your base!

Step Four: Pin your first ear-hanging loop in place

At the place you just marked, pin your loop ribbon, shiny-side-down, to the shiny side of your base ribbon.

Step Five: Attach your first ear-hanging loop

Sew (or glue) your two ribbons and half of a snap pair together at that point. If you’re not a pro seamstress, it’s totally fine because we are going to conceal all of these!

Step Six: Sew on a snap

Now sew the other half of the snap to the dull side of your loop. Make sure to test it first to make sure that you can snap the two together to form a loop. I may have sewed the first one on backwards!

Step Seven: Repeat for your remaining ear-hanging loops

Now repeat steps 4-6 for the rest of your loops, moving down your base. I left 8 inches between the bottom of each loop and where I attached the one below it, but you can play around with how you prefer it to look!

Step Eight [Optional]: Add bling

I sewed little buttons onto the outer snaps of each loop just to cover up my stitches. If you’re gluing or using the snaps that you pound into the fabric, you might not need buttons or pins. But who can resist a chance to add more Mickey bling?

Finally, Hang Your Ears!

Now free your ears from their box, trash bag, or wherever you are keeping them and snap them into the loops! Hang the whole thing from a closet rod, door, particularly tall child, etc.

And, if you like the look but not the DIY, there are pre-made hangers that you can order on Etsy!

I think I’m going to make a few more with larger loops to hold my ears that have big bows, top hats, etc! If you try this DIY let me know how it turns out and share a picture of your collection in the comments!

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