Princess Tiana Inspired Spring Sweets!

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We love Princess Tiana and the Bayou Sweets!

Princess and The Frog features the strong character of Princess Tiana! But we also think food and music are two important characters in this film.

Inspired by our recent review of Princess Tiana-inspired ears, we thought we would explore some sweets that are perfect for spring picnics and get togethers!

Princess Tiana’s Cookbook

This cookbook is a great source of recipes for desserts and meals influenced by Bayou cooking!

Perfect Complements to Any Desserts

No matter which recipe you select, these Princess and The Frog supplies will help set the mood and bring the New Orleans vibe to your home or picnic.

Princess Tiana Cupcakes

How yummy do these cupcakes look from this recipe from Easy Family Recipes? For me, a cupcake is a perfect way to end any meal, but when it’s inspired by one of my Disney faves, it tastes a little bit sweeter!

Photo: Easy Family Recipes

Here are some other supplies that will help you keep the theme of the movie and incorporate some Disney magic.

Sugar Sweet

Princess dress cookies! It’s a fairytale. Princess Tiana is one of the princesses designed by Sweetambs in this fabulous cookie art recipe!

Photo Credit: Sweetambs

To try this incredible cookies, here’s a video to follow!

And the most important part is the dress cookie cutter! We found this perfect one on Amazon!

Beignet Brilliance

One of the most best guilty pleasures on the planet, beignets will take your taste buds to New Orleans! We think Princess Tiana would enjoy the Mickey Mouse touch!

Here’s the recipe to try from Disney Parks!

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

These best selling supplies from Amazon are perfect supplies to bake the perfect beignets and have some french roast coffee!

Sparkle Like Princess Tiana

And, if you are looking to add a little princess touch to your baking sessions, here are a few options to dress like one of our favorite Princesses! We love the Mom and child coordinating looks!

Now that you have finished baking with your kids, we know your next activity is probably cheering on your kids from the stands! We rounded up some stylish bleacher looks!

What do you think of these Tiana inspired sweet spring treats? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to follow us on our FacebookPinterest, or Instagram pages so that you’re always in the loop and can follow along with our adventures!

Pixie dust and glamour!

Belle of the Ball

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