Travel Gear That Will See You Through To Your Destination!

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FashionEarsta’s travel gear guide to making travel look and feel good!

There is no doubt about it, traveling can be frustrating and uncomfortable.  Long lines, delayed flights, rushing to make a connection can all can add up to an exhausting day.  But, there is no reason that you should have to look haggard and stressed. FashionEarsta has just what you need to make traveling look good!

From what to wear, to what to take you with you, here are some of our favorite travel gear and accessories!

Travel Gear that Looks Good

FashionEarstas love to look good while traveling; however, you have to be comfortable too. We love a one-piece multi-functional jumpsuit for when your plans take you from the airport to dinner. Match the jumpsuit with a slouchy sweater to combat the fluctuating airplane temperatures and pair it with a stylish pair of Katy Perry Platform Sneakers. This outfit will be comfortable and stylish for wherever your destination is!

Maybe you want to be a little more comfortable when you travel. We love Lululemon and their styles transfer so well from hurried to travel to relaxation station!

Gear That Will Make Your Trip Easier

Lost bags, luggage over the limit and more! Look at these fantastic finds that will make your trip hassle free!

We loved this tracking device with built in ear buds! What a clever way to keep people and their germs at a safe social distance!

Cash and Carry!

Being organized is imperative when you travel. Here are some of our favorite fashionable ways to stay organized !

Pump Up the Music

Dick’s Sporting Goods provides the music for your travel needs! Check out these wireless and affordable options!

If you are planning to travel with the kids this year, FashionEarsta found the best kids luggage and accessories!

So, where are you planning to travel to in 2022? Do you have favorite travel looks and accessories to make the journey more comfortable? Follow and share your tips with us on our FacebookPinterest, or Instagram pages.

Pixie dust and glamour!


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